Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tackle it Monday and Tuesday

I have been working hard to get things finished up before my dad arrives. The project started months ago with painting, new windows etc. It is nice because really its just improvements to make the house become a home rather then just a roof over our heads. I love how it is coming along. This week I focused on the living room, den, dining room and back hallway
This was where all the painting began. I have had this room finished for a while but had not started to hang things on the walls yet. It really is starting to become very warm and inviting. Just need to finish framing the second windows, stain the wood on the inside and paint on the outside.

I love this hallway. No one else seems to like it because it made it rather dark. I can't wait till we can do all the trim work and add the baseboards. We are making it all ourselves. That is the best part because I LOVE staining wood.
This is my new favorite area. I use to have all these crosses on the back hallway wall off the den. I had two pictures here and it just never felt right. This wall goes up like this along the bar area and then over and across all the way the room. I can't wait to have so many crosses the whole thing is full. Better yet it means my husband can now start getting me crosses as gifts, he never knows what to get me. Problem solved.

This is part of our dining room. It is open to the living room, den and kitchen. This piano was on my living room wall before but I wanted our TV there. SO for now the piano is in our dining room. Eventually I would like cabinets here or something. The walls are very white in color and plain. I wanted something warm and cozy. We spend a lot of time in this room.

I love it! We are going to put our dart board to the left of the piano. I haven't decided if I want to put pictures on this wall of family or maybe something nice. If I ever get someone to take the piano off our hands, we might put a game table here. I still need to do the trim work, but need to buy white paint first.
We use this area a ton. That is because it leads to the outside yard area. I despise country blue. No offense but I grew up in it after the olive drab green/yellow phase. The previous owners had a duck trim motif and the country blue. I painted the walls white but decided it too needed something more. I never did get the door done when I did the walls and trim before because we were going to replace it. Four years later its still the same old blue door.

I came up with this. A pretty taupe color I used in the dining room and a Gray Pebble stone for the trim with a nice porcini mushroom brown for the door. It really made this area so much better. Now I would like to find some Texas wallpaper border for the top, since it was never textured. 
This area had always been our living room because I quilted in the living room. This past year we turned it into an exercise area. I spend a lot of time here because the computer is just outside of this zone. I wanted to make this area warm too. I am so tired of WHITE WALLS. I loved the trim color it was called Trenchcoat Khaki. I didn't have enough to redo it, so had to choose another color. The Pebble Stone Gray is nice too. It has a brownish gray hue.

I chose a Barefoot Sand color, light taupe, for the walls. I have not painted the white wood behind the machines. I couldn't fit my step ladder there, so everything is done minus that and the trim along the bottom of the loft that goes across the top of this room.

I can't wait until the walls are dry so I can put all my stuff back up. I am saddened that the exterior of my fireplace is gone, so we will be unable to enjoy the warmth this room provided every winter. I am hoping when my dad is here he can help me figure out how to save the chimney part enough to at least use it as a candle holder for the appeal of the room. I didn't get the window trim work done- since I think we are replacing the wood. When the fireplace pulled away from the house it left huge cracks in all the inside framing of the windows. Figured best to wait and see before spending the time to paint it. It was a lot of work but I love how it is all coming together.  


Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful Day Twelve and Thirteen

Thankfulness Day Twelve
I am posting these late as I was focused on many tasks this weekend and did not have time to blog.
I am thankful for great teachers. My middle son decided to not do homework all week last week for a particular class. I had noticed online that he had a poor grade in two classes. I wrote the teachers to find one fed up with him and who decided to give both my husband and I a call. I am thankful that this teacher recognized that this was out of character for him and that we needed to be contacted. My middle son does not like change. He rebels against it. He likes me to be home when he gets home. Me choosing to go back to work for US, affected his routine. I am thankful that the teacher is going to take him under her wing. He was supposed to be put into a mentoring program but slipped through the cracks and wasn't. I am thankful we can make up the work he missed and that he can rework some assignments he had a poor grade on. I am also thankful that she is giving him the benefit of the doubt and allowing him to still pass her class so that he can participate in choir.
I don't really understand why that hour makes such a difference to his life. I get off near 4, they don't get home until 3:30, so working really shouldn't be an issue. I am thankful we had a time to talk things through and that it will all have a positive outcome.

Thankfulness Day Thirteen
I am thankful that the house is really starting to become clean. Things are not just stashed somewhere, but they are sorted, containerized and have new homes. It will make my morning routine run smooth and help the house to stay clean through our very busy schedule as I try to juggle subbing, quilting and children. I am thankful that we can haul trash to Paul's work since we do not have trash service. I am thankful the children decided to take on their own rooms so that I would have less to do. I am thankful for the painted walls in the living room and then also the hallway as now that the pictures are all back up, and my crosses the house is really starting to resemble a home with warm and love. I am thankful I am learning to endure Football season, because it is hard to not be resentful that it takes a huge chunk of the day on Sunday, and less gets done due to my husband's inability to multitask. I am also thankful for the Girl's activity at church last night. I love watching the kids leave church so excited about spending time with one another and in God's word. Last I am super thankful that in a week my dad will be here. The last time I saw him was at my mom's funeral so it is very exciting that he is making his way this week to Texas, and he will be able to spend Thanksgiving with us as a family.


Menu Plan Monday

This week's menu will focus on Breakfast

Pancakes and Bacon

French Toast and Fruit

Breakfast Tacos


Biscuits Gravy, Eggs, Bacon and Sausage

Saturday and Sunday-
My dad is here, no menu item planned yet.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankfulness Day Eleven

Today I am thankful for all the Veterans. I am thankful that I still live in a school district that allows prayer. I am thankful I live in a district that allows Christian music and sentiment. I am thankful I live in a district that emphasizes family and community.
I am thankful for projects like we have in Houston that are turning old Mobile homes into apartments for Veterans. That are helping them get jobs, counseling and come back to live lifes that may be very different from before but that are full of hope after the service they gave our country. I pray that Houston will be an example to the rest of the world that it is right to take care of those that come back with PTSD after they have seen and possibly done things that none of us can really even grasp with our own minds.
I am thankful to all my family that has personally served. For those that have now departed us, you are missed.
Have a wonderful Veterans Day.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday and Thankfulness Day Ten

I am so thankful for this month. I started picking up sub jobs on November 2nd. I have either worked half or full days every day since then. I am very grateful that the Lord continues to provide us with these extra jobs. I am not complaining at all that Monday was only a half day. It allowed me to work the morning on a quilt order. Last night after work- since it was early release I got a little more done on it. I should be able to finish up the quilt this weekend and start on the next queen order.
Today I confirmed an order with our local Elementary school. I am so thankful that they are allowing me to do their 40th Birthday Quilt of the school. I am praying people come forward with some shirts so that I can add them to the quilt.
We have had such a great week. Finances are slowly turning around. We have a long way to go but I am praying every day that things continue to improve.
I am so thankful my children have really pitched in to help their now FULL TIME working mama. It takes all of us to really make this work.
Lastly today, I am so thankful my husband got home on time today. It is so nice that he is already home and it will be a nice quiet evening. (Minus Kenzei making fun of the dog and the two of them being out of control.)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankfulness Day Nine

I love surprises! I like them even better when they are THINKING OF YOU surprises. I got one of those today. I was packing my lunch for subbing today and saw a bag in the fridge. I thought hmm, I wonder what that is. Inside I saw two 20 oz bottles of coke. Now that may seem silly to be thankful over, but that meant my husband, who worked a side job after his regular one last night and the night before, stopped on his way home and picked me up those two cokes. He did this after listening to me explain how the school I am working at this week does not offer faculty tea like other schools and they do not have a coke/water machine like others either. I went all day Tue with nothing because I forgot my water on my kitchen table. This class I have this week is very talkative and argumentative. Caffeine is a great solution! Wow what a considerate thing. It really made my morning!
I am also so thankful to my co teacher today. She ran off two pages of science for me so I would have extra work for the class to do. It really helped to have extra busy work to keep the talking down. Today was much better.
I am lastly thankful for the quilt order that I saw this morning on ETSY. Even though I know it is a little stressful to manage subbing and teaching I know its all going to be okay. The Lord never puts more on our plate then we can handle. Therefore I am excited that as I continue to try and teach (sub) full time more orders are still coming in. I am thankful that when I got home from teaching today the kids were pitching in by doing their small list of chores too. Last week we struggled with that, but I think they realize more this week that I truly am not home and they can do the one small thing I ask and it makes a HUGE difference!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankfulness Day Eight

Today started out wonderfully. I managed to get dishes done, wash in twice, bathroom cleaned. I was showered and ready for work on time. I then discovered my boots would not work with my slacks because they needed to fold down otherwise they cut the circulation off in my legs. Well then I looked like I had some kind of calf disease because I had this huge swollen look under the knees. These type of pants wouldn't look good tucked in, so I was so thankful I had a back of plan and the weather was warmer because Capris it was.
I am ever so grateful for the three days work at the school I am at this week. That being said I am also ever so grateful I have a good deal of patience because these children today took every ounce of it. I got a brief break when the second class came in, they worked quietly and were on task, then they went to lunch and their brains must have stayed in the Cafeteria or they threw them away because they were not the same children. I have had some rough days as a sub before. I think we all know what I mean. Where kids are not quiet, they refuse to do what you ask, they don't follow the rules but this was just almost to the point of amazement. It is bad when after your day is over that the teacher across the hall asks if I will be back for my next two days of duty. 
I look at subbing as a God appointed job. What I mean by that is that each day is a gift. He puts me there for a reason. Whether it be for a teacher, a student, a parent or something else, HE has a PLAN. So Yes I will be back. This time probably with a Mc Donalds coke in the morning but I will work my next two days and pray through them. I am ever so thankful that my own children do not act like this because they would find themselves with nothing but four walls and a blanket in their rooms. ( I am kind of laughing but kind of not)
What I am most grateful for tonight was a couple of nice hours with my daughter. We went out and looked for those boots I need for the pants I found this week on sale that were cheap yet 5 miles too long. It was nice to get out and just spend some time together. I needed the calm, the sweet, the singing and the conversation.
I also needed the laughter. We saw a pink pair of boots- they were fuzzy, they looked like a rug. She said to me it looked like a walking doormat. I laughed so hard because it really did. It looked like they took a little girls rug from her room and formed a boot. She then pointed out another pair of boots. She put them to her feet and said, "I can see it now, I pull out a brush in class and the teacher asks me why I need to brush my hair, I respond, I don't I need to brush my boots." They looked like a dead cat or something. I tell you this girl was a gift from God today. I needed her humor, so that when I face obstacles tomorrow and the next day I can remember her sweet laughter, the smile on her face..those are things to be thankful for.


Monday, November 7, 2011

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FREEBIE Digital Scrapbooking Designer Pack Download
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Thankfulness Day Seven

Today I am thankful for the extra hours that my husband will have on a side job.
I am also thankful that I got nearly half of my queen size quilt top done today.
I am thankful for the wonderful weather outside
I am thankful for the half day of teaching I had.
I am also thankful that I was able to sign up to work Tue-Thur teaching the same class this week, all three full days.
I am thankful to see that my children are eating quickly so they can start on homework before I have to leave for a meeting. It is nice when they pitch in and take action without being asked.


Recipes For Chicken Pot Pie and Soup

Take one Chicken Fryer place in Crockpot and cook with seasoning of your choice in water for 4-6 hours. Then place on cookie sheet, debone and deskin. I also skim the broth for extra small bones/skin. Divide Chicken into two bowls. Put some dark and white meat in both. Then divide your broth. You can reserve the second batch of chicken and broth for later in the fridge or you can do like I do and use a second crockpot to precook your meal for the week. We use the soup for lunches not just one nights dinner.

Chicken Soup 
Half a Chicken Fryer
Half the broth from the chicken Fryer that you cooked
Half a Stalk of Celery sliced
Four full size Carrots peeled and sliced
Bag of Frozen Corn
Cook 3-4 hours
Sometimes I add egg noodles, or if the kids are not eating it I will add okra, tomatoes etc, but they don't like that, so this time it is very simple.

Chicken Pot Pie

Half a Chicken Fryer
Half the broth from the chicken Fryer that you cooked 
Half a Stalk of Celery sliced
Four full size Carrots peeled and sliced
Four med to large size Potatoes peeled and cut
Bag of Frozen Green Beans
1 Large can of Cream of Chicken Soup- I add this about an hour into the cooking process.
1 Box of premade Roll out Pie Crust or Can of Biscuits.
Cook in crockpot  3-4 hours
Then transfer into pan with pie crust and cook at directions on package. Mine was 425 for 40 min. I take foil and wrap the edge then fold the foil towards the middle so the crust does not burn.


Thankfulness Day Six

I found myself ever so thankful of Menu Planning this week. It really helped me keep on schedule and have food ready to go during a tough schedule. As I planned this weeks Menu on Friday night- and went shopping. I found myself very thankful for a crockpot and a sale on Chicken Fryers.

Paul put on the first chicken fryer in my biggest crockpot at 7:30 by noon it was ready to deskin and debone. I then shredded it some and placed half in my bigger crockpot and half in a smaller one, then I divided the wonderful broth. That way I could make a Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken Soup out of one Fryer. It really helped that $5 meat item spread out over three days.

We were supposed to have Waffles for dinner last night but we had some pot pie. It smelled goods and the younger two were very interested in eating it. Jakob decided to eat chips and salsa. He would not even try the soup or pot pie. I am super thankful my younger two are becoming a little less picky because they loved it. In fact we are still having it tonight. I had so much mixture still left that Paul took some to work and then we will take some biscuits and put it on top in the oven for tonight.

I love home made meals because you know exactly what is in them. I also love being able to stretch something out so that I can really watch how much we are spending. Crockpots really are great, they help me be able to work on other things while the food is cooking away. So today if you didn't guess it I am thankful for Menu Planning, Chicken Fryers and Crockpots.


Thankfulness Day Five

I am a couple posts behind on my Thankfulness journey this month, since I am at 5 and today is the 7th. Last week on Thursday we had a Talent Show at our school. Both of our kiddos tried out. Zekaryah ran into an obstacle since one of the boys got Strep Throat the week they were to try out. So his "act" did not make it.

Kenzei and her friend sang a duet. A song that they sang last year called Give us Hope is what they decided to perform. They did pretty well for only having one rehearsal prior to performance night. She had also tried out for a solo but could not hear the music during tryouts so she did not make that area of competition. There was a lot of great talent that night. I was impressed.
 I am very thankful that I have children willing to try new things. I am also thankful that they take their losses well. The girls did not place in this competition and they were okay with who won. They did not cry afterward, or mope. They were great sports about it. That is what I like to see. They also wore shirts that were part of a Hanes Breast Cancer awareness program. Mekenzei knew about my recent scare and wanted to make a stand on that. I thought that was impressive thinking for a 7th grader.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Menu Planning Monday Crockpot Style

With three queen size quilts and a 70 by 70 quilt to finish quickly before Thanksgiving this sounded like a perfect time for this challenge
This whole week I will be using my crockpot. 
Some of my menu items I have posted recipes for in the past so I have linked to them. 
One is a recipe online- but I might post my own as I think I want the potato soup a little different. 
I will post other recipes that I use this week as the days come up.

Chicken Pot Pie** I do finish this off in the oven but I cook it in the crockpot to start




Pork Roast, Carrots, Potatoes

Chili and Cornbread

BBQ sausages, Queso, Salsa and chips

**(premake chicken fryer in crockpot Sunday for Pot Pie and Soup)

For More menu planning ideas please see OrgJunkie

Thankfulness Season Day Four

When I woke up on Saturday it was early and I was very tired. I had not slept well the night before. I told my husband, tomorrow morning (Sunday) I want to sleep in so that I feel better. Well I looked at my phone when I woke up it was 7:30. I didn't really feel tired and thought well I need to get out of bed, get ahead for the week and get to that queen size quilt order- since I have three of them now.
I cleaned the bathroom, got some wash started, got the dishwasher unloaded. My husband got a chicken in the crockpot for me and washed dishes by hand, reloaded the dishwasher. We looked at the clock and it was nearly 9. I thought gosh I know I didn't work long- then guess what? I realized I had not set the clock back. WOW was I ever so grateful for the time change.
Today I am thankful for that quilt sale yesterday- I can now go buy a pair of slacks and a long sleeve shirt so that I have another outfit to wear. It is very hard subbing so late in the year because I only have one pair of slacks. If I work a school back to back then its a little awkward to have to wear the same pants. So we are going to go solve that today.
I am thankful that this morning my husband and I can connect and spend some time together during our running around. I am thankful I have a menu plan and we did our grocery shopping on Friday night so that we already are ahead in our cooking for the week.
I am thankful I am also ahead with my quilt orders. I cut all the shirts for two of the three queen orders last night. I felt if that part was done it would help me be a little more efficient with my time, if I can sub and quilt this coming week.
I am really learning the value of every minute lately. What I choose to do with my time really matters.
Hope you have a great Sunday.

Thankfulness Season Day Three

Saturday I had a craft show, it was a little chilly outside but overall I felt good about a turn out. We got half way through the day and I admit I was very discouraged. I had not handed out a single business card and most people did not even stop. Then about lunch time I actually sold my PreMade Astros quilt. I was very excited. Then from that point on I had many stop in and grab a business card. Overall it was a very slow day but I am thankful that I had the opportunity to try. 
I was very thankful when I got home and two boxes on my porch. Shirts I had been waiting on with payment for a Tshirt quilt order and then another 9 patch quilt for my friend with her fabrics and payment. I can now pay half of the bills that are due. That was such a relief to see how the Lord just continued to hold us in his arms this month. I was able to sub three days this past week, have some finalization on some quilts and keep faith that all would get paid that needed to.
We wrapped up the evening with a came of Nab it. Zekaryah decided he did not want to play so just the other four of us played. It was hard getting used to a new came that is a across of upwords, scrabble and then its own thing. I am thankful we made time to play and that we all got a good night sleep too.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankfulness Season Day Two

Was so blessed today with two wonderful classes of 4th graders. They were polite, quiet, respectful and followed ALL the rules. What a great Friday- The school did so well on Box Top collections we get to wear Jeans on Monday- That is good news to me since I work the afternoon. Praying for a call for the morning shift so I get a full day again.
I am also so thankful it warmed up before we had afternoon recess. I was really dreading being outside in the cold weather. There was plenty of sunshine to stay warm. I had such a great day teaching. 
I am thankful for a wonderful customer on a quilt order. I found out early this morning that the 10 yard bolt of fabric I ordered had been canceled. I needed it for the back of her quilt. I was able to get a message to her and call her when I got home. She was super easy to work with. We are doing red on the front now and black on the back and I have the new fabrics reordered. I am stuck with 3 yards of black from the very first arrangement, however I am trusting the Lord already has that person's quilt in mind. I will patiently wait for him to guide them to me.
Yeah for the weekend. I have a Craft Show tomorrow from 9-4. I have two wonderful quilts to actually sell and some others to show as samplers. I am praying that it will provide many local eyes to my work for possible future orders. I am thankful my husband can join me so he can help with setup and tear down of the canopy.
Have a great weekend!

What I am Learning Friday

I forgot how exhausting it is trying to quilt, sub teach, raise children, care for a house etc. I came home from work yesterday- just a half day, which was unexpected at all and very last minute. I had a sink full of dishes, wash to be done, bathroom not cleaned and just a couple hours till a Talent Show at the school. 
I will admit I was relieved to see my husband was home, he had already been cooking the kids Mac N Cheese- so much for a menu plan and he was heating me up some dinner from the night before. That did take a great deal of stress off. Thankfully the younger two didn't have any homework but somehow the night still got away from us.
I managed to get dishes done before the Talent show, then off we went. We were there nearly two hours. I get back throw a load of wash in, try to get kids in and out of the shower and prepare myself to finish the rag quilt, only to find I really just wanted some sleep.
I thought of all the women who work out of their home with 9-10 hours then come home to the same thing. I know at one point when the kids were little I was one of those moms and somehow I managed to do it all. Last night as I went to bed I was frustrated knowing that the house I had been working hard to keep clean when I was not subbing was gradually getting dirty again. What I learned yesterday was that communication was a key. Just before bed I had all the wash that was not folded by my oldest child- his chore for the day. I grabbed it all, cleared off my quilting table and started to fold at 10 pm. My husband asked what I was doing. I simply explained I didn't want to get behind, it would just take a few minutes to fold the three loads and then we could go to bed. He actually got out of bed and helped me. Communication is going to be my lifesaver if I am to quilt, work out of the house and maintain our busy lives. I also found that the past two days (wed-thur) I left notes for the kids. Each day they claimed to not see their note. I will be investing in a chalk board that I can put on the wall for a message center. They will have to pitch in a little via empting dishwasher etc to make it all work. I am very thankful for the extra hours so it might take some getting used to in order to manage it all.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankfulness Season Day One


I am very grateful for the half day of subbing that came up at the last minute today. For a wonderful class, I wish all were so respectful and quiet, and for my husband getting home before me, starting dinner and having the kids do what they should. To top the night off I get to go listen to my daughter sing a duet with her friend at the Talent Show. I am also thankful that I had leftovers from last night's dinner. My husband was able to easily heat that up for me and it was ready to eat when I walked in the door.


Thankful Thursday

This week I am truly thankful for side jobs. I was a bit frustrated over the idea that I had six definite quilt orders and one by one I was loosing them. It was nice this week to get one confirmed order Sunday, that helped ease my stress over the idea that we could pay our house note with this check from Friday but we could not pay ANY of our bills for the month of November, first one due Nov 6th. Its times like this that I am so thankful for a strong marriage. It has not always been like that.
My husband's response is he would check for side work. My response was I would start looking into subbing more.
I had two jobs lined up for this week on Monday. I was so pleased. I woke up Monday morning to find them both cancelled. I felt discouraged. The Lord picked me right back up when I saw my email that morning to notice I now had a full day job on Friday that I did not request. I checked my voicemail to find it was a school I worked for last year- they are finally calling me. That full day job on Friday was worth $10 more than those two half days. That made me very happy! Not to mention I love Friday subbing jobs, it means we can wear jeans and tennis shoes.
I am thankful the Lord provided me a half day work to break me back in to how hard subbing can be. Also to show me if I get up at 5 I can get the bathroom, kitchen, wash done and still shower before I have to leave.
I was worried about how I would balance quilting and subbing. The Lord showed me yesterday that if I work on my quilting at night and the mornings of my half days it will all balance out. I had plenty of time to sew 200 blocks yesterday morning before I Had to be to my job.
I just wrote all the checks for this month and postdated them. I wanted to show that I have faith in him. I know he will provide for us this month. We have no money for gas or food at all for the entire month of November. Therefore I am trusting he has many side jobs lined up so that cash can provide for those needs.
In a world like we live in today, where so many are out of work, where companies are being bought out, where many are getting sick with no insurance etc. I am so grateful my husband has a secure job with health insurance. We may not always have the answer at the 1st or 15th of the month of how we will pay a bill but I have faith that it will be there.
SO as I am writing this post- the sub line called. I now have a job for this afternoon. Now if that isn't something to wrap up my Thankful Thursday post with-
What an Amazing God! (oh and on a side note, it brought tears to my eyes to be writing this post and get a job)