Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankfulness Day Eight

Today started out wonderfully. I managed to get dishes done, wash in twice, bathroom cleaned. I was showered and ready for work on time. I then discovered my boots would not work with my slacks because they needed to fold down otherwise they cut the circulation off in my legs. Well then I looked like I had some kind of calf disease because I had this huge swollen look under the knees. These type of pants wouldn't look good tucked in, so I was so thankful I had a back of plan and the weather was warmer because Capris it was.
I am ever so grateful for the three days work at the school I am at this week. That being said I am also ever so grateful I have a good deal of patience because these children today took every ounce of it. I got a brief break when the second class came in, they worked quietly and were on task, then they went to lunch and their brains must have stayed in the Cafeteria or they threw them away because they were not the same children. I have had some rough days as a sub before. I think we all know what I mean. Where kids are not quiet, they refuse to do what you ask, they don't follow the rules but this was just almost to the point of amazement. It is bad when after your day is over that the teacher across the hall asks if I will be back for my next two days of duty. 
I look at subbing as a God appointed job. What I mean by that is that each day is a gift. He puts me there for a reason. Whether it be for a teacher, a student, a parent or something else, HE has a PLAN. So Yes I will be back. This time probably with a Mc Donalds coke in the morning but I will work my next two days and pray through them. I am ever so thankful that my own children do not act like this because they would find themselves with nothing but four walls and a blanket in their rooms. ( I am kind of laughing but kind of not)
What I am most grateful for tonight was a couple of nice hours with my daughter. We went out and looked for those boots I need for the pants I found this week on sale that were cheap yet 5 miles too long. It was nice to get out and just spend some time together. I needed the calm, the sweet, the singing and the conversation.
I also needed the laughter. We saw a pink pair of boots- they were fuzzy, they looked like a rug. She said to me it looked like a walking doormat. I laughed so hard because it really did. It looked like they took a little girls rug from her room and formed a boot. She then pointed out another pair of boots. She put them to her feet and said, "I can see it now, I pull out a brush in class and the teacher asks me why I need to brush my hair, I respond, I don't I need to brush my boots." They looked like a dead cat or something. I tell you this girl was a gift from God today. I needed her humor, so that when I face obstacles tomorrow and the next day I can remember her sweet laughter, the smile on her face..those are things to be thankful for.


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