Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Seems I don't post very often lately. Guess I am just too busy and then just too out of it maybe. Anyway today we made great progress. I did some summer cleaning. I went through my side of our closet and parted with one pair of boots and 2 trash bags of clothes. I will take them to the donation place later tonight. I took everything out, refolded it all, as we just have shelves, and moved a few things. My daughter parted with a dresser a while back and even though I would love to paint it, for now it will remain this horrible purple color- but it now holds some of my things. Nice.. makes the room more tidy. Hopefully I can convince hubby to donate some things too, although probably not since he keeps everything.
I folded about 12 loads of wash. I had so much due to cleaning the kids rooms last week. Especially Zekaryah's. It was a bombshell. His room is all nice and rearranged and more organized and I am happy to say that beside me having to make his bed- which I am working on him doing it has stayed clean.
Mekenzei and Zekaryah both had huge laundry baskets full of clothes to put away. I am praying it gets done. They go to camp in another week, so next Tue my tackle is their clothes. Having them try things on, part with some things and have a drawer for a couple play outfits, since they get so muddy and yuck while outside.
Mekenzei cleaned the bathroom. I went over it a little but for the most part it looks great. Jakob helped load the dishwasher a couple times, that seems never ending and Zekaryah cleaned the kitchen table and picked up the den. The house looks better. I might have a tackle it day tomorrow through Friday. I would really like to CLEAN the house- get rid of a ton of stuff and have "homes" for everything. Right now they are going through all the movies, making sure they are in the right cases and putting them on shelves. I hope to get some books for them all, instead of dealing with all these cases. Would really cut down on some clutter.
I feel very accomplished, very tired too. Just need to mop my floor and my bedroom will be wonderful. I am loving my children being home. I really enjoy their companionship during the day. A few little squabbles but overall we are A OK.