Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wrapping up December 2015

With the Holiday season we were able to get some projects in. Our daughters room is always freezing cold in the winter. Not having a fire place or indoor heating makes life a little crazy. We are trying to seal the plexi glass on her windows better with strips of wood. Hoping if we press it closed better it will insulate more and keep the drafty cold wind out.
Another solution was window treatments. I took my Christmas money and purchased her some curtains. She needed five panels. I was able to get them for $8 each and that was quite a bit cheaper than purchasing fabric and making them. I had hoped some scraps I had from some quilts would be sufficient but I was 2 yards and they didn't have any in stock to purchase more. 
While we were working on her windows we saw this beautiful wood pecker
It was hard to get a good picture through the strips of glass that are the windows and the layer of plexi.  He sure was super pretty.
Hatchet found that he loves the horses ball. It was pretty funny. He loves to play chase with this and the horse loves to chase him too!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Winter Cleaning

Christmas Break for us is trying to re-situate our house. Moving some furniture and re purposing some rooms. One of which is creating a space in our bedroom for our daughter to study right after school. The morning sun warms the room and so it stays warm pretty much all day. That really helps when you are trying to focus for long hours. It is also quiet and she can be in here without interruption.
I also wanted the space to work for my morning devotions. 
Another area was getting all of the storage put away that was in the den and making it work for an exercise space. We had done this in the past. Eventually we hope to build a space outside for exercise equipment and then use this as a family zone, since our living room is where I quilt.
I hope to turn the stairs into a full book case area, otherwise the room turned out pretty good.
Our daughter had already put the space to use. Taking all AP courses means you study during break, you don't get much time to enjoy being a kid.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Graduation and Christmas Quilt

This customers daughter finished up her Master's Degree, her mother turned her college shirts into a Christmas gift.
She purchased a gift certificate from me and I made this quilt for her.
They loved it so much they are thinking of ordering another one for her daughter in law.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Stockings are my favorite gift. I love them
This is actually out of our WINTER garden, its just amazing. We had even more tomatoes that we already made salsa from.
Meal times, I love having a full house and meals at our table.
I love that teenagers get excited about their stockings, even if this year they are more about necessities
We even gave our house guest her stocking full of goodies, we borrowed it from her to fill it up since she was with us this year
Smiling faces~ always a great thing
Sometimes the practical gifts get these faces..
Paul really needed a new wallet and socks so those were in his stocking
This is my favorite captured moment. Hatchet got a new toy in our daughters stocking and Paul was playing with her, lets just say our computer chairs and dog toys are not companions, over he went~
Jakob needed money for school so he got a Tshirt and two pair of jeans as well as some new shoes
Zekaryah really loves to dress up so some ties, slacks, dress shoes and a vest was on his list
Mekenzei bought Izzy a poster and this sweater for the dog, who seems to be Izzy's friend so much these days.
Mekenzei loves her new sweatshirt and hat
I love my new salt and pepper shakers/containers and Jakob bought me a three piece measuring cup set made from glass with his own money. A much needed gift. I didn't have one.
More meal times
The best part of break is lots of game nights. Since we don't have a couch chairs around my quilting table work great

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

PJs always the gift that gives all year.
We found a cute Chemistry shirt that says Genius on it for Jakob, he loved it at least to sleep in
Mekenzei laughed at the packages that I used to wrap their gifts this year, they were free from Paul's work
She loved her hat and pants
They say I love sleep because it is something she rarely gets but would love to get
Zekaryah liked them too. I wanted to get him the Frozen sleep pants that say I like Warm Hugs but we couldn't find his size.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Friends Christmas Gift to Son

The Last quilt order for December 2015
I made this for a local friend's son. It is twin size.
I quilted this one a little different and I really like it.
I took some logos off some shirts to create a center square


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Birthday Quilt

I had the honor of making a Cabbage Patch Reunion Quilt for a Father of my customer
It was a 92nd birthday gift. I hope he loved it~

Friday, December 18, 2015

Caring Memory Quilts

I made this customer 7 quilts earlier in the Christmas season and she requested 4 more because she loved them so much
These have brown flannel on three of the 4 quilts because I couldn't order the exact cream from the other 7
I have some clothing left to make a larger quilt. All of the quilts contained 60 shirts, 40 in the first batch, a few leftover pieces from the first batch then 20 additional shirts in the last 4.
She wrote after Christmas to tell me how much everyone loved the quilts
I can't wait to see what the very last order will look like.