Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankfulness Day Eleven

Today I am thankful for all the Veterans. I am thankful that I still live in a school district that allows prayer. I am thankful I live in a district that allows Christian music and sentiment. I am thankful I live in a district that emphasizes family and community.
I am thankful for projects like we have in Houston that are turning old Mobile homes into apartments for Veterans. That are helping them get jobs, counseling and come back to live lifes that may be very different from before but that are full of hope after the service they gave our country. I pray that Houston will be an example to the rest of the world that it is right to take care of those that come back with PTSD after they have seen and possibly done things that none of us can really even grasp with our own minds.
I am thankful to all my family that has personally served. For those that have now departed us, you are missed.
Have a wonderful Veterans Day.


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