Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend of Repairs

I love this boy! My husband was trying to work on the water pump to the truck and the stairs had been pretty bad for a while and Mekenzei almost slipped the other morning and he was worried about someone getting hurt. He took it upon himself to ask a few questions and fix it for us. Paul did have to cut a couple of prop boards because the saw is a little dangerous with it not being on a table but he did a great job!
We will have to come back in later and fix the boards underneath this last step, they need to be off the dirt so they will not rot so fast but gosh for a 16 year old this is  very functional!
As for the truck, well that didn't go so well. First off he used my quilting tables. I am thankful for DAWN dishsoap. Then he struggled for a long while to get the nut between the pulley and the fan loose. We went to the parts store to see if there was a special tool, we were able to buy the new water pump but they couldn't help us. We then took it to his brother in law and in the process of attempting it with two strong men the pulley was then damaged so they decided to cut it off with a torch. Needless to say we now needed a new pulley too. For now we are borrowing a vehicle which really helps with my busy kids schedule and yesterday he found the new part in town at a pick a part place. Hopefully its fixed before I leave just in case something happens to our other vehicle while I am gone. We haven't had the best of peace around here lately.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Academic Decathlon

Jakob is part of the Academic Decathlon at MWHS, he seems to really enjoy it and has really grown in the last few years with areas such as interviews and speeches. It requires a lot of extra attention with school because you have to learn so much in a short amount of time. Their school took 3rd place again this year. In a way it is bitter sweet for him as this is his last year to participate and he would have liked to have gone to State. However, he has competition for Skills USA the weekend that Acadec is at State so he now has the opportunity to go try again there this year.
This year we had a ice storm the morning the first competition was to be held so they had to cancel it, at first they thought the event was cancelled altogether but after lots of planning on the part of the coordinators they managed to pull the event together for the Saturday- it would last over 8 hours
For Jakob he didn't feel he did as well as he would have liked to. I think he did really well considering every class he has this year is AP, its senior year with lots of added stress and he has been working hard to also get scholarships for college together too.
Normally the hosting school would have an award ceremony but since the competition went until 9 pm that evening they did not have this advantage so medals were handed out in class and the school district recognized the students from both local high schools at their School Board Meeting.
I am very proud of all the students and pray Jakob does really well this coming weekend in Beaumont at the Skills USA competition where last year he took third in Technical Math. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jakobs Suprise 18th Birthday

Mekenzei went to great lengths to try and give Jakob a fantastic birthday. He has never had a party before because honestly he doesn't have very many friends. He pretty much keeps to himself. This year he seems to enjoy life a little more and there were several people that were interested in attending a surprise party. He isn't much for dancing, music that is loud etc. His ideal party would be a video game night. 
We ordered a half chocolate, half white strawberry filled, whip cream topped cake. It was very YUMMY! We also kept the design very simple.
The youth pastor was in on the surprise and he made it so much more fun!

His friends from school- mainly acadec and then a couple of close friends came and hid in the kitchen, he truly had no idea they were there or that even his teacher and her two children were there. I thought it was pretty funny. They came out with his sister and presented him with his cake on stage.
The pastor was great about letting them all celebrate in the kitchen while the service took place. I am glad he understood that some of them might not stay for the service.
Mekenzei was super excited to have pulled it all off and she really owed a lot to two girls and their asking around to get a few of them to show up and make it a special evening.
Jakob had never even cut a cake before so we got some assistance from one of the parents at church
Here is a teacher of his, she is very special to me because over the years I have come to be friends with her. I am so happy she would come to his get together, often teachers separate themselves and it meant alot to have her their supporting him.
Every once in a while I get a picture of a genuine smile of Jakob- those are very precious and hard to come by because he is so serious all the time.
They really did have a great time even if it wasn't your typical party and it was pretty short. It was nice to just have him enjoy cake with some friends.
And even his brother had to join in- he was trying to give Jakob a hug- something Jakob really doesn't like. I think this will be a birthday to remember when he looks back. Paybacks might be pretty stiff too- MeKenzei topped herself with Valentines Day by sending him flowers with a note that said You are a  Handsome Beast- your Secret Admirer.