Friday, April 29, 2016

Purex Fresh BlueBonnet Detergent Coupon Giveaway

Being a resident in Texas means that spring time is Bluebonnet season. Purex has joined the excitement with this new detergent. I love the scent of this bottle of Purex Fresh Bluebonnet Detergent. It truly reminded me of laundry as a child that was brought in after being hung all day on my grandmother's clothes line outside. It has a fresh scent and is not overpowering scent wise. This is truly important to my family.
We have some laundry obstacles in our house, one is the large amounts of rain we get here in Texas, that means a crazy amount of wash due to dogs and the mud created outside from all this wet weather. It also means I tend to wash a large amount of bedding as well. There is nothing worse than the smell of wet dog.
Of course my daughter may beg to differ as this boys gym clothes are pretty ripe. I am pleased to say that I ran both a load of towels and his gym clothes and you would never know how bad they smelled before. They came out clean, smelling fresh and it really met our needs.
Now about this giveaway. Currently Purex Fresh Bluebonnet detergent can be purchased here in Texas at HEB locations through participating stores. I have a couple of coupons to giveaway for those who would like to enter. The entries are simple and the contest lasts a week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All opinions are my own and I was provided a coupon to purchase my own bottle of detergent to provide this review. This is in no way related to Blogger, facebook or any other social media.
The winner will be contacted by email and mailed a coupon for purchasing of the new Fresh Bluebonnet Detergent.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Martha Home the Mary Way Day 3

I am very behind in posting on the cleaning challenge. We had tackled the cabinets the other day. This is one of the lower sections. It was a disaster. This seems to be the place anyone putting dishes puts things in a hurry, instead of doing it correctly. This is the before photo. 
We removed everything, tossed some things into a box that we could part ways with and reorganized. There are probably a couple things that could be moved from this space, but we won't know until we tackle the couple spots that hold pantry items. 
This is the before of my other upper cabinets. I had posted the reorganization of the spice cabinet the other day. We had worked on the other side and it is also so much better. It seems food items that are left on the counter get put here when I ask someone to clean the kitchen.
It was amazing how much space we truly had when everything went to the right place. In fact I had purchased two pans sets for my husband to help with canning and they both fit along with some other appliances that are used pretty often. It will be nice for him, and maybe just maybe he will put them away instead of leaving them out.
This is my donation box for my kitchen. Stuff that truly doesn't get used. Its really nice to down size.

If you want to catch up on the challenges if you didn't print your page from Sarah Mae'sBlog then here you go.

Day 1: Put a Load of laundry in the wash. Kitchen: Do the dishes, scrub pans, clean out sink. Gather papers from counters and set aside. Wipe counters.

Day 2 Kitchen: clean out and wash down interior and exterior of the fridge, Clean out interior and exterior of microwave.

Day 3: Kitchen Wipe down cabinets, Scrub the Kitchen Floor

Day 4: Kitchen: Clean out your Pantry.  Pull everything out, throw away what is old, wipe pantry down, organize and put food back.

Day 5: Bathrooms: Clear Counters and Remove trash can, clean toilet, sink, mirror. Wash out tub, sweep and scrub floor.

Day 6: Bathroom Closet/ Cupboards: Pull everything out and sort into trash, keep and donate. Take donate box immediately to your car. Put Keep items back.#MarthaHomeMaryWay

New Crops and Produce

I am so excited, beyond excited. The cilantro we are growing is amazing, its been great to have on hand for soups, pico de galo, etc. Now we have our first crop of broccoli. I really wish our oldest was here, it is truly his favorite. He is home on Mother's Day from college for the summer, hopefully we will still have some broccoli producing at that time so we can have some.