Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankfulness Season Day Three

Saturday I had a craft show, it was a little chilly outside but overall I felt good about a turn out. We got half way through the day and I admit I was very discouraged. I had not handed out a single business card and most people did not even stop. Then about lunch time I actually sold my PreMade Astros quilt. I was very excited. Then from that point on I had many stop in and grab a business card. Overall it was a very slow day but I am thankful that I had the opportunity to try. 
I was very thankful when I got home and two boxes on my porch. Shirts I had been waiting on with payment for a Tshirt quilt order and then another 9 patch quilt for my friend with her fabrics and payment. I can now pay half of the bills that are due. That was such a relief to see how the Lord just continued to hold us in his arms this month. I was able to sub three days this past week, have some finalization on some quilts and keep faith that all would get paid that needed to.
We wrapped up the evening with a came of Nab it. Zekaryah decided he did not want to play so just the other four of us played. It was hard getting used to a new came that is a across of upwords, scrabble and then its own thing. I am thankful we made time to play and that we all got a good night sleep too.


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