Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holy Spirit and Blessings

I always feel so blessed when someone is pleased with my work. Today I found my heart incredibly touched as my last customer on the boy/girl Tshirt Quilts sent out a personal email to a few that she knows sharing my "talent" with her. I got into quilting for others in order to be a Blessing in other peoples lives. True it does provide some income but not as much as one might think, it is more for the pleasure that it gives me to meet someone else's needs. To be able to use a Talent that the Lord has provided to me.
I have been studying the Holy Spirit this week. It is amazing how easy it is to miss that HE is part of us. That it is a relationship. Its so easy to think of the Lord- the Father- someone who comforts us, someone who answers our prayers...Its easy to think of the Son- the one whom with we would not be saved as HE gave up His LIFE for us.. so that we may come to the Father clean. Often I think we forget about his ever present Spirit within us. The one that helps us feel close to the Lord. The one that works through us.
It makes me think of the song This Little Light of Mine.. then i think of my business. I was brought to tears and humbled by this woman, whom I have not met. Her order was placed on my Mother's Birthday, a day I struggled with as her death had been so close and my heart still so raw. The Lord worked in Mysterious ways that day and the order comforted my heart as the Spirit worked through me to complete it.
I was able to give her something that she can now hold onto, to cherish, to provide memories of places, events, times whatever it may be. Things that I have no knowledge of yet things that mean so much to her and her children, her family.
So on this day I give thanks, as I continue to seek His face, to feel his Spirit within me, to do His Will and follow His Path.. may everything I do be of Glory and Honor..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I really need to be tackling something. This morning I tackled a really bad headache. They seem to be coming on more and more lately. Not sure what I am doing that is causing them. I do know my stress level is some how through the roof.
I really have dug hard into my Experiencing Spiritual Intimacy Study Guide this week.  Today I came across a quote that says the following,

"The most wonderful truth behind dealing with distractions is that we don't need to organize and plan with our natural ability alone. The Holy Spirit, who gives us everything we need, can lengthen or shorten time depending on what He wants us to accomplish. If we yield ourselves to Him, He will order our steps according to His Purposes." Thelma Wells

I can see how at different times in my life this would mean different things. I can also see how it can be applied to various points in my life. Lately mine has been our home. I have found myself very discouraged lately. The house is in a remodel zone. There are too many OPEN projects. For instance our pantry we started two years ago- well its still not finished. Every time we get to starting on it again something else comes up, or maybe we will get a little bit more done, but it is still NOT finished.  We started on Mekenzeis room this summer, all of her stuff got moved out to the den, which was okay at first but kids being kids go through containers and now its out of control. That spills over into other rooms. Meanwhile we are dealing with Mice and Moth problems. It is very frustrating. I thought now that school was back in session and we are home more on the weekends it would help, however, Paul is working more between his actual job and picking up odd things so he has little time. 
I find that in the mornings I am extremely tired, just so wiped out. Also still so sick to my stomach and dealing with these crazy headaches constantly. So I find myself very disappointed in how things are lately. I know I am not where I want to be spiritually and that is driving me crazy.
That I decided was something I could do something about. I wanted to start attending a bible study, the cost was $27 and then I had to figure gas once a week, so I opted to just buy three different books. One I like already because I use the Women of Faith Study Guides a lot, then I got Chris and Kerry Shook's new book Love at Last sight. Then the church is starting a new series, so I ordered that as well. Its called Sun Stand Still..We will miss the first sermon series since the kids have a choir performance Saturday night.  
So anyway back to the verse or quote I came across today.. it really spoke to me that I need to stop planning everything so much and try a short list, and Let the HOLY SPIRIT work through me. I should know that by now. I keep getting overwhelmed because I keep looking at EVERYTHING! 
Today I am taking the first step and taking our bedroom back. Not quite sure why everything gets so crazy in there, except that we have no living room. Probably because we don't even own a couch! So everyone piles in our room for Tv etc..Then my husband decided to clean out his side of the closet which looks great except for the containers of stuff he does not know what he will do with..that are on my bedroom floor.. This week I will work at taking it one step at a time. Maybe just maybe if I get a little cleaning done my stress will decrease because the guilt will decrease and my headaches will take a back burner.. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Menu Monday

Last night we made up a ham- we had gotten a few last year after the holidays for $2-4 each. SO I decided it was a good time to pull one out and use it all week. For the most part the kids like ham just heated up in a frying pan and served with eggs, pancakes etc. Jakob is the only child who will eat Ham sandwiches. Paul and I love this little fried rice dish I make, so I am hoping to just make due for the most part, once he cuts it all up tonight. There have not been many sales lately food wise so I am scraping for ideas at the moment to try and keep things cheap. A couple weeks ago we stocked up on AA Dozen eggs for 19 cents each. I am thankful now.

Blueberry Waffles Ham

kids Tuna Helper/ 
Paul and I Ham fried Rice

Eggs, biscuits and ham

Ham, Egg and potato tacos

Pancakes, ham and eggs

On Your Own-
Mekenzei has a volleyball game- younger two a choir thing

Spaghetti, Garlic bread and brocolli

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Early Thankful Thursday

So my post is a couple days early. I just feel like my cup has overrun with Blessings so I want to Rejoice now and not wait till Thursday..
Today I went to orientation for subbing. I am very excited to say that is something I can do in the very near future. It will pay $60 a day so that is not too bad. I have been waiting nearly a year to get the opportunity. As much volunteering as I did last year its probably good that it took a while.
I came home very excited because my husband decided I could go back to school. He wants me to find out what I have left, the details on cost, classes- have a plan.. but I can go back. I do have to sale some quilts to pay for it but hey its great news.
I checked ETSY today to find two conversations where potential customers were interested in Tshirt quilts. If all goes well I could have 4-5 Tshirt Quilt orders!
That would be wonderful. Esp since we just got our taxes on the land for nearly $1400, we have none of it! The land still has not sold so it would be great to see some extra money come in before they are due Jan 31st.
So all in all its been a very roller coaster but blessing full day. Nothing of specific answer but I love the idea of opportunity, for with it the Lord can open so many doors.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Menu Monday

A Little late getting this up. Yesterday was a tad crazy. Had teacher conferences, then came home and did not feel well, must have picked up a stomach bug.
Monday- Frozen Pizza/canned soup
Tuesday Tacos
Wednesday Crockpot Chicken and Rice
Thursday Blueberry Waffles
Friday Pork Chops and Baked Potatoes
Saturday BBQ
Sunday- On Your Own

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

(Dad and I at the San Diego Zoo)

I am so thankful to be blessed with a wonderful father. I think this year, this post is probably the hardest of all, because the blessing means all the more this year, with the passing of my mom a couple months back. I would say I have probably always talked to my mom more as an adult because she was very Tech friendly, meaning she used email a ton, texting and then also facebook in the last couple of years. My dad- well he is not so great with all that. However, that being said I never feel unloved even though we don't pick up the phone as often as we should. Neither of us are phone people. I had the opportunity to spend the entire day at the Zoo with him in July when I went out for my mom's funeral. It was so nice, even though I was very cold! Who would have thought you couldn't wear shorts and a tank top in San Diego- a beach city in the middle of summer. Not me, but I know if we ever do it again. I think the best thing about being a kid was all the time we spent at the swap meets, car shows, junk yards and chili cook offs. It was great to spend the day with him.
(Dad with Jakob just a day old)
Love always came pretty easy for us. First he fell in love with my mom and then me, later my sister (cause she was not born yet). My mom and him met on an Airforce base in Colorado. We lived up above him in some apartments on base. Soon he took me to be his own daughter after my sister was born- by then we had moved to California where he was from. I would remain there until I got married and moved here to Texas.
I am very thankful that I had him in my life. He was and is always there for me, if ever I were to need him, and I know that he realizes the feeling and actions are mutual. He was supportive of every pursuit I had whether it be girl scouts, music (band and choir- which annoyed him at times), school stuff and later holding a job so I could pay for my own car, insurance and other things- because I was way to INDEPENDENT!
I remember my baccalaureate ceremony in High School- I got up on the stage and sang the Lord's Prayer- among a couple other songs but some lady in front of him said Man, does she have a great voice. My dad (according to my mom) leaned forward and said, "That's my daughter" and grinned from ear to ear. It's so nice to know that I am loved and cherished! He never failed to have me realize that. (dad with Zekaryah- just a week or so old)

He was always there to pick up the pieces. Esp after breaking up with this guy in college. I had really thought I was going to marry him and was terribly crushed to end things. He never did like him, but he wouldn't tell me until later. That's the kind of dad he is. He gave little hints, now that I look back but He let me make my own decisions and brushed me off when the first love thing was over.
As an adult he has been there more times then I can count. I have not had the easiest of marriages, some my fault, some natural causes. Through the loss of a child and later a miscarriage he gave me comfort and words of support. He didn't necessarily understand but knew that I needed time to heal. Through the ups and downs of my marriage, He stood by me and helped me talk it all out. He listened a great deal and helped me realize I had let go of myself and that was something I needed to work on.
He helped me heal after the deep loss of my mother in law Joyce. Caring for her had exhausted me body and soul. Her death shook me to the core and caused me to move back home for a while. He built me a bedroom in their home, so I would have a place of solitude. We would go on walks and talk, enjoy the beautiful mountains and fresh air. I started to heal and find myself again. The best thing was going to Santa Barbara with him and my mom that October. We hiked up to a little waterfall, we went to some gardens, traveled through wonderful old shops in a small city and went to the missions. I needed that trip, a reminder that life was still in front of me, if I wanted to grab a hold and take the reins.
(dad, mom and I after his 50th birthday party)
I know I surprised him once by showing up in CA for his 50th birthday. Everyone helped me by keeping it a real secret. The look on his face when he came to my brothers house for dinner and I opened the door was PRICELESS. The love spoke a thousand words just in his facial expression.
He is always so loving with his grandchildren. They drove out to Texas for each birth- both Mekenzei and Zekaryah they were a little late, cause I had them early but they were still here, even with the horrible heat with Mekenzei since she was born in May, it was a long drive but it didn't matter, since he knew it was important to me.
(Galveston Beach - after Mekenzei was born)
I think the most admirable quality I can think of is his care for my mom all the years they were married. They had some rough times like everyone else. He always stuck it out and made a way where often there didn't seem to be one. She always had health issues from the time I was in first grade on. Sometimes they got better, then she would have something pretty massive happen. In the end he cared for her with such love and compassion. I won't say it was easy, I won't say that often he was tired after a long days work and walking the dog. He did everything he could to provide a life that was comfortable for her in those last few years. They traveled more this year then any other. It was something that gave her great peace. It brings tears to my eyes to think of the true love they had. Its such a testament to us kids to see his love for her, even now really- though it is not spoken of. Its a great inspiration to me as I try so hard to be a Proverbs 31 wife. To be there for my children and my husband. Provide them with a home of love and care. He is a great example and for that I am truly blessed.
(Our Santa Barbara Trip- I am so thankful I took this picture now!)
I know with the passing of my mom, he allowed me to help him get things settled. It was something I needed to do, something that helped me feel useful. Even through my own grieving I am thankful that I could spend some time with him and just be there. I know the road ahead won't be easy for any of us but I feel blessed to have been able to for once pick up the pieces for him.
It is often so hard to be so far away. I look forward to him retiring, in hopes that he will travel here to see us some. For now I wish him a wonderful birthday. I pray that the Lord will grant him many more years on this earth. That his heart will be glad. That He will be surrounded with love. That the Lord will return the blessings upon him for the care and love that he has shown my mother as well as myself. I am so thankful that HE CHOSE to be my dad. For I am the person I am today, as a result of that choice..I love you!