Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankfulness Day Five

I am a couple posts behind on my Thankfulness journey this month, since I am at 5 and today is the 7th. Last week on Thursday we had a Talent Show at our school. Both of our kiddos tried out. Zekaryah ran into an obstacle since one of the boys got Strep Throat the week they were to try out. So his "act" did not make it.

Kenzei and her friend sang a duet. A song that they sang last year called Give us Hope is what they decided to perform. They did pretty well for only having one rehearsal prior to performance night. She had also tried out for a solo but could not hear the music during tryouts so she did not make that area of competition. There was a lot of great talent that night. I was impressed.
 I am very thankful that I have children willing to try new things. I am also thankful that they take their losses well. The girls did not place in this competition and they were okay with who won. They did not cry afterward, or mope. They were great sports about it. That is what I like to see. They also wore shirts that were part of a Hanes Breast Cancer awareness program. Mekenzei knew about my recent scare and wanted to make a stand on that. I thought that was impressive thinking for a 7th grader.


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