Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankfulness Countdown

Today's Thankfulness countdown- today I am thankful for my mother, Sharon Unger. I had a wonderful example of Christ in my home growing up. She was kind and giving. She was generous of her time and expected the best from us. I am grateful to have had her as my mom for the time the Lord granted. She helped make me into the woman I am today.

Today's Thankfulness countdown-I am thankful for my dad. He adopted me when I was very little and I am so grateful for his loving decision. I am thankful he taught me the importance of taking care of others through his many years of caring for my mom. I am thankful to always have someone in my corner even when I make mistakes and that he also lets me know how proud he is of the woman I have become. I love you DAD!

Today's Thankfulness countdown- I am thankful today for my husband. I could not ask for a better friend. We enjoy spending time together and I am looking forward to a day in Galveston on Tuesday while the kids are at school. He is also a wonderful father to our children. I am very blessed.

Today's Thankfulness countdown I am very thankful for my son Jakob. He came very quickly after we got married and has been such a blessing to all of our lives. He is bright and talented, loving and kind. I enjoy that he bakes wonderful brownies and tries to always achieve more in life. I cherish the next four years of school he has.

Today's Thankfulness countdown I am very thankful for my son Zekaryah. He struggled at the start of life and I am very thankful the Lord allowed me to keep him. He is so loving and caring toward others. A child with a heart of gold. He works very hard, harder than most to get what he wants and I am very proud a...ll his hard work. My favorite thing about him is his hugs, they can warm anyone's heart!

 Today's Thankfulness countdown (early) I am very thankful for my daughter Mekenzei. She is such a treasure. I enjoy her bright shining smile, the way she laughs. I love that she tries anything she finds interest in. My favorite things are cuddling up with her during movies in my bed and listening to her sing.

I am very thankful as Thanksgiving approaches to have Christ in my life. I am thankful to be able to trust in the Lord and know that he will continue to provide for us. Especially since Lately we seem to have so many things go wrong and quilt orders did not pick up for Christmas.. He is there to carry us right now and... we will to continue to be a blessing in other peoples lives, despite the struggle in our own.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We went to our Paul's brothers house for the lunch meal then went to his sisters for snacks and desserts that night. It was a lot of fun. Zekaryah joined in on the poker game this year- only a $2 game..he actually was in fourth place. Pretty good. 

I think the best part for us was this little bop it game the boys and I played. I had never played before. It might be something I actually try to find and purchase for us as a family game to own. I enjoyed yesterday as I finished a quilt and then worked on another- it is almost complete as well. We cooked our own Thanksgiving feast. I had to laugh because Mekenzei only ate some corn, green beans and mac n cheese. I made this huge meal and that is all she "liked". Not quite sure how I will handle her as next year approaches it becomes more difficult to feed her, as she doesn't like anything. As last night rolled in and the weather dipped to 29 degrees I was thankful we have a home in general even if we do not have heat. Just to go get the dog outside was unbearable. Zekaryah slept in a sleeping bag with a hooded sweatshirt on. I think that was a brilliant way to deal with our very chilly house.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Menu Monday

This week will be a tad crazy.. I say that because kids are off Wed -Sun and Paul is off Tue-Sun. My menus don't always go as planned when that is the case. With a holiday thrown in there- there is more room for error.


Cinnamon Rolls and boiled eggs

Chicken and Rice

Eat at Uncle Davids for Lunch that afternoon
Aunt Sues For Desserts and Snacks that night

Friday- Our Thanksgiving Feast
Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Mac n Cheese, Stuffing, Crescent Rolls, Yams with Marshmallows

Left overs

On Your Own

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Making Sausage

Last year Paul and Mekenzei took a deer, this year he got one when he went hunting by himself. The kids and I spent time cleaning the den, throwing stuff away, going through clothes etc to declutter. While we did that Paul worked at taking meat off bones. Once he was done I helped him grind it with 2 pork butts and some lard. We then packed it into the sausage maker machine thing. I cranked as Paul helped it slide through the casings. You do about 5 lbs at a time, so now I am waiting for the smoker to be heated up so he can throw the first batch on and we can finish making the rest. I think we will get about 30 lbs of it. It is great in some soup. I use chicken broth- 6 cans, about 10 or so potatoes, one stalk of kale and one lb of cut up sausage- I slice in half then in chunks, I also throw in half of a large onion. The kale you add towards the end- like the last 15 minutes. It is very yummy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

 What I got done today, in addition to working this morning at the school- the interior blocks were all done from last week, but I had to add the green and red borders.
Christmas Quilt Order- the top is done, it is a play on Sudoku. I scrambled the blocks on accident. I love the outside border fabric. It will be great on some white towels.
I hope to quilt it tomorrow night. I have to piece the backing later.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu Monday

I am very thankful to be back with the living. Last week I was in bed three days, it made it a little crazy around here. I think the kids ate cereal for the entire time because we went through five boxes. So I am thankful to say everyone was excited to pitch in for this weeks menu. We are continuing with the idea of everyone helping out since everyone seems to think I don't do anything around here. LOL!

Monday- I work half day so Zek and Mek are cooking and Jakob is doing dishes
Baked Potatoes

Tuesday I work half day again- Jakob cooks M and Z do dishes

Wednesday I cook- J does dishes Z helps with wash and M does bathroom
Tuna Helper and brocoli

Thursday Jakob cooks, Z and M do dishes
Spaghetti, Garlic Bread and Green Beans

Friday Z and M help me cook, dad does dishes
Chicken, Mashed Potatoes Corn and Spinach

Saturday- Mommy Does dishes Dad Cooks
Bbq Dads Choice

Sunday Everyone pitch in
On Your Own

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am a little late this week. I have had a horrible cold all week and spent most of the last three days in bed. I feel good enough to get a post up real quick, then I am probably headed back to that old bed to rest some more. I am so thankful to not have a regular job. I was able to call off Friday's sub job since I am not feeling well, I guess that would have better been worded as today's job. I can't seem to beat this cold I have. I thought it was strep throat at first. I admit my throat is starting to feel better but my sinus's are not.
Today I am thankful for the warmer weather, I know we have a cold front rolling in soon enough. I am thankful for a Tshirt Quilt order that finally came through. I am anxious to see the shirts and pick the fabrics. I am thankful for a Christmas Quilt order, than a manly quilt order also. I am stuck on the Christmas Quilt. I started it Tue morning, then went to work, to find that I pushed way to hard not feeling well and I have now been down three days because of it. A little stupid on my part I suppose. I need 2 1/2 yards of a white fabric with print to finish it, so it will remain on my table until I can manage to go out.
I am so thankful this week for my husband. After pulling a full days work and then going hunting he has come home to pitch in with some cooking- since Jakobs homework was heavier towards the end of the week. He made comfort foods like grilled cheese and french toast. Both easy on the throat and tummy. Thankfully the kids homework schedule was not too bad this week and Jakob helped me move a table into our room so that they could all just sit in here while I laid in bed.
I am thankful for the downtime despite how much time it will take to get caught back up. I am also very thankful to a friend who Posted my Tshirt Quilts on her blog to help me get some Christmas business going. I am waiting for the Lord's direction in the matter to see if he wants to add more to my plate. It is wonderful to have someone believe in my work and my desire to share a blessing in other's lives.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

 I got an order for three pillowcases for a customer that I have made quilts for. These are for her nieces. I think they turned out adorable! I did not post full views of every pillowcase just the one. This is for my PreTackle it Tuesday. I am learning that I have to be flexible because for this Tuesday I am working half day in the afternoon at the Jr. High. This morning I will tackle a Christmas Quilt order, but I doubt I will get the whole thing done today. I am off tomorrow so I hope to finish the Christmas Quilt then. I think the little girls these belong to will treasure these for a while. They are all flannel and super soft.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Monday

This week I really have no clue what we should have for dinner. It does not help that the kids become more picky every day!
So hopefully we stick to this menu
Potato Soup
Tuna Helper and a Veggie
Spaghetti and Garlic Toast
Hot Dogs or Chili Dogs
Chicken, Rice and a veggie
Beans and Cornbread
On Your Own

I am taking a hint from Rita at Following 31 and my children will be helping in the kitchen this week. I will cook tonight, Jakob will cook Tue (since I work in the afternoon), Zekaryah will cook Wed night, and Mekenzei Thursday night. The crockpot does most of the work on Friday- but Jakob will have to start the Rice Maker. Paul will cook Sat. Jakob does help out a lot in the kitchen esp with me returning to work but so far I this week I only have two half days and one full day Friday so I want to SPREAD THE WEALTH..

Friday, November 5, 2010

What Am I Learning?

I have not done so good with blogging lately. I think mainly because I have been spending more time off the computer and in the Lord's Word. I have been reading two different books- one Called Love at Last Sight by Pastor Kerry Shook and his wife Chris. I love this book. I full heartedly support it. I feel it is already making such a HUGE difference in my life. If you have not read it yet plan to it is worth the month! I hope to save some money to give it as gifts this year.
Then I started a book called Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick. It is also very good. I think it makes me think about the impossible of do I understand that lately. Which goes along with today's topic of What Am I Learning?
I am learning that it takes a daily practice of FAITH to Substitute teach. On many levels.
*One on getting a job posting. They sure go fast! I admit that my husband has had to help me some this past week. He has been wonderful about it. While I am subbing I do not have access to the internet, so he will check the job site and see if there are jobs that I might want. We have talked a great deal over what jobs I like and don't like. For instance I am not much for doing High School at this point. Jr. High only appeals to me if it is half day but Elementary seems to be an easy fit for me right now. I think because they are still at the age where I feel I have control of the classroom. 
**Two well this is odd maybe but I do not like new places, new things, new is very hard for me. I am not a people person. By nature I am very quiet and introverted. I like consistency. Subbing goes against all of this. I have to go to new schools almost every time- esp because I have yet to be in a great deal of these schools. I have to meet new faculty, new children... the list goes on. I know my anxiety level is through the roof as I try to locate the restroom for adults, teachers lounge etc. To be perfectly honest not all schools have the nicest staff either. So sometimes i find myself very frustrated.
***Trusting that the day will go well and I will be called back is hard too. I always try to do the best job that I can. It is hard to have faith in teaching when you don't always know the rules too. Every school has different opinions on things so I would say I am uptight about making sure I make a good first impression.
Overall it has been a very good week. I get up and do my devotion, and my prayer. Putting God first. I find my nerves are a little calmer if I remember this one very important step. Taking a lunch has been challenging all week- so we will have to work on that. Getting out the door with the kids and Paul is also crazy with just one bathroom so again some more adjustments as we go into next week.
I think the most important thing I learned this week is that even though I can find sub jobs-  like one for this afternoon- I still need to remember it is alternate pay and that I need to put the kids first.
They had awards today and Satan tempted me with two job offerings for the afternoon- It was very hard to turn them down because I know how much we really need every penny right now. However, I remembered what I had read this week. That I needed to put my full attention on those that mattered the most in my life. I have to trust that the Lord will continue to Bless us with subbing jobs. That I needed to be at awards today to support my children..
Often it is so easy to get caught up in the money game. I am thankful for open eyes and an open heart and that I have such a wonderful family that is making adjustments as I head back into the workforce. I am so thankful to our heavenly father that he is providing us with this extra income and still helping me with the quilting business too.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We have much to be thankful for this week. I started subbing on Monday. I came home from work on Monday to see a job at the same school for full day on Tuesday as well. Paul was able to login and find me a couple more sub jobs on Tue, so I was able to work on Wed morning and then today full day teaching 5th grade. I admit Jr High was a little rough. I guess I don't care for talking in the classroom. So it was quite different.
This week we had someone call our agent who is selling the land we have and ask some questions about it, they also wanted to see it, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
Paul was able to work for his brother in law so we got some extra money this week. That is a huge blessing because we have three bills we could not pay yet and I don't get my first subbing check until the end of the month. I took orders for three pillowcases last week as well as a Baby Genius Quilt. I also got paid for the Elephant Pink Quilt I just finished- that gets mailed tomorrow. It has been a good week.
I got set back a little emotionally as I went to call my mom yesterday to tell her about the land. Had to take 30 minutes or so to regroup. This morning I feel a little worse as I had this horrible dream. I dreamt that we were in this place, my mom and I. That there were some church people there with us. Funny cause they don't even go to my church. I dreamt there was a huge storm and for some reason I went outside. I rushed back in and some of my friends and the pastor of the youth ministry were not letting me back to where she was. I could see this leaf blanket I have on my bed on the ground covering something. I rushed through the barricade because my dad was already gone and I could not stand to have her gone too. I remember pulling the blanket back and just staring down at her. I woke up breathing so hard and rushing in tears. Of course then Jakob woke me up. Our alarm did not go off this morning and the kids were already heading out for the bus.. So very interesting yet upsetting morning. I did not realize how much I still missed her. I took great comfort in the idea that I know the Lord does not put these dreams in our minds, that it is Satan trying to undermind all the blessings and glory of the week, even though the pain is just as real.
So as I close on Thankful Thursday, I ask you to pray for those that are going through trials, whether they be marriage, financial, job insecurity, or sickness. I also ask specific prayer for my friends family as their grandmother passes on this week. They spent all day with her yesterday. It is not an easy time for them.
May He watch over all of us as we approach the new week and Thank Him for all he Blesses us with daily.