Monday, April 30, 2012

More Quilting

I finished this quilt today. It was a little difficult because three of the shirts were very small. I decided to cut one other down to the same size and then frame them since the customer wanted them to appear 15 inches. I then placed them in the middle. I sure hope she likes it.
She also wanted her son's name on the back of the quilt in white thread. I used the front border fabric to make it more like a label.
I love how this quilt has several styles of shirts. It made a nice size lap quilt.

Mia Bella Giveaway

mia bella candlesMia Bella's Gourmet Products have an amazing scent and quality that is hard to find elsewhere. You can smell these candles even before you open the box!
I love this fabric

Quilt contains 25 shirts

Has some cute cheetah fabric on the back

Finished Quilt- nearly full size

I have not had a menu the last two weeks and I deeply regretted it. We are back on schedule. Its so nice to know what we are having and to have already been to the store for the first half of the week!


Wednesday- Kenzei inducted into NJHS 
Bean Burritos 

Veggie Plate Night 


BBQ- Paul 



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finished Projects

I finished this quilt last week but I never did get a picture of it. It tuned out a little blurry so I think I might try again before I drop it off next week. It is queen size with blue jean like fabric and holds 30 shirts, a couple of jerseys where I left the buttons in. I love how it turned out.
I have been working on this one all week. I almost didn't get it pinned because the wind outside was horrible. We used some books to hold the edges down so I could get it pinned quickly and moved back inside. It is nearly Full size and holds 25 shirts. I hope to take some photos of it tomorrow as I would like to get it in the mail. I love when I can pick the perfect fabrics to combine with one another. I think she is truly going to love this quilt.

Thankful Thursday

Sometimes it truly is the little things that other people do for you.
I have a huge morning of thanksgiving. Yesterday a friend and I were talking about my daughter needing a bathing suit. She was on her way to a store to pick one up for her two girls so she offered to pick on up for mine and I could come get it that afternoon. I am happy to say it fit and I am ever so grateful because it is exactly what she needed, something that did not have tie straps and I would not fret over it coming apart, during a water park field trip next month. Then she had this HUGE I mean HUGE bag of clothes that she thought might fit me. I tell you what this morning as I tried four or five things on I realized what a blessing I had walked into. I don't buy myself things very often its really more like when I have to have something for an event. I now have a very nice wardrobe. I think my closet only holds maybe 20 of my own items. I actually had to relocate a couple of my husbands things so I could use another shelf. The two top shelves had always been books. I am very grateful that she thought of me.
Another thankful Thursday is the quail that are hatching. SO far we have had about 35 hatch and have lost three. This first set is what was born yesterday afternoon through this morning.
This batch was all born between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon. We had two other batches of eggs with no success so it is nice to see these all doing so well.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

We had a batch of quail we removed from the egg turners this weekend. They were supposed to start hatching today but when my husband went to add water he noticed a chick already breaking through. By the time I went to bed we had two, this morning it increased to five. Today is when they will be really hatching so I am curious to see how many we get. It is very exciting to have new life all the time in our house. I will admit after having chickens over Easter hatch these guys looked way to small. I bet they are the size of two quarters. Very tiny, it was hard to move them.

Tackle it Tuesday

Yesterday morning I worked on cutting the shirts for my new order. I got them all laid out how they needed to go for the quilt and then had to pick my oldest and youngest up from their schools. We headed to Kohls to get outfits for their awards and then also my daughter needed a second dress for her induction ceremony into National Junior Honor Society.
We have had this dress before for Easter a couple years ago, she loved it, she was surprised to see it again and decided she wanted this one. She had found a white dress at Kohls too but it is one that droops to the side and the arm straps are odd. I didn't like it, nor did I feel it was appropriate for a 12 year old. So we had to head out to another Kohls for the second dress.
I have never had to buy my oldest son dress clothes we always borrow them from my friend's husbands or our brother in law. That proved to be a mistake this past award for the National Honor Society induction because the shirt was an XL and it was a little big, so when he got on stage the entire back of the shirt was out. The student behind him in line didn't say anything. He got on stage twice that way. I felt incredibly horrible that we just didn't spend the money to buy him a shirt that fit. Thus my endeavor yesterday. He now owns a shirt, pants and tie that will all fit for his award ceremony next month. Now that he owns a pair of black pants and a gray/black tie I think I can just buy a couple Large shirts as I see them on sale. He is very particular in that he likes just plain colored shirts, no stripes etc. Makes it difficult sometimes. We went to the second Kohls to find our daughters second dress no luck. I am thankful my husband met us there because he took our son with him so that we could continue shopping.
This is the second dress we found. We had to go to the Mall and check out Macy's. It was more than I wanted to spend but we had already been to Ross and a couple other places. It is super cute. I just wish we went to a church where they dressed up. Typically all these dresses she wears once and that is it. We were also in the pursuit for a bathing suit. No luck there, we tried so many suits and so many places. She has a school outing at a water park next month. I am not so thrilled about it since she is so small she still wears little girl bathing suits and well most of the others do not. Its hard to find a teen looking bathing suit that is a 14/16. I am praying the Lord will guide us to find something. It was a fun evening but a late one. I am thankful at least award attire is finished.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Set of 5 Marie Bostwick Novel's and a Gift Giveaway

There are only four books pictured because the fifth one was released today, it will be included in this giveaway when shipped. This giveaway is in Honor of my mother Sharon Unger, who passed away from a long battle of illness on July 17, 2010, at the age of 52. The giveaway ends on Mother's Day. This is my first annual giveaway in her honor. She was a wonderful mother who has such am amazing relationship with our heavenly father. She was an avid supporter of my idea to open up Sunshine of Autumn Quilts out of my home. So enter this giveaway today in Memory of her.

There isn't much that I like more than a wonderful book series "Cobbled Court" by Marie Bostwick is high on my list of books to recommend. 
I love to read every evening before I go to bed and this series is one that I fully stand by. In today's world with so many obstacles for woman like Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Divorce after so many years of marriage, owning your own business etc. It is refreshing to have an author combine real life situations many of us go through, or have friends that go through, with an old fashioned tradition like quilting (and a love story or two thrown in the midst along with some wonderful friendship of a group of women). It reminds me some of my youth with our women's missionary league and the relationship of the women I knew and came to love. Of course, you all know I love quilting, it is something I do nearly every day as a small business, to try and support our family. So come read a little about the books and enter to win a great set, then maybe pass them along to someone else as a Pay it Forward. Happy Reading..Good Luck.
It's a long way from Fort Worth, Texas, to New Bern, Connecticut, yet it only takes a day in the charming Yankee town to make Evelyn Dixon realise she's found her new home. The abrupt end of her marriage was Evelyn's wake-up call to get busy chasing her dream of opening a quilt shop. Finding a store front is easy enough; starting a new life isn't. Little does Evelyn imagine it will bring a trio like Abigail Burgess, her niece Liza, and Margot Matthews through her door.Troubled and angry after her mother's death, Liza threatens to embarrass her Aunt Abigail all over town unless she joins her for quilting classes. A victim of downsizing at the peak of her career, Margot hopes an event hosted by the quilt shop could be a great chance to network - and keep from dying of boredom...As they stitch their unique creations, Evelyn, Abigail, Liza, and Margot form a sisterhood they never sought - but one that they'll be grateful for when the unexpected provides a poignant reminder of the single thread that binds us all...

At twenty-seven, having fled an abusive marriage with little more than her kids and the clothes on her back, Ivy Peterman figures she has nowhere to go but up. Quaint, historic New Bern, Connecticut, seems as good a place as any to start fresh. With a part-time job at the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop and budding friendships, Ivy feels hopeful for the first time in ages. But when a popular quilting TV show is taped at the quilt shop, Ivy's unwitting appearance in an on-air promo alerts her ex-husband to her whereabouts. Suddenly, Ivy is facing the fight of her life - one that forces her to face her deepest fears as a woman and a mother. This time, however, she's got a sisterhood behind her: companions as complex, strong, and lasting as the quilts they stitch...

While New Bern, Connecticut, lies under a blanket of snow, Cobbled Court Quilts remains a cozy haven for its owner, Evelyn Dixon, and her friends. Evelyn relishes winter's slower pace -- besides, internet sales are hopping, thanks to her son Garrett's efforts. In addition to helping out at the shop, Garrett has also been patiently waiting for his girlfriend, Liza, to finish art school in New York City. But as much as Evelyn loves Liza, she wonders if it's a good idea for her son to be so serious so soon with a young woman who s just getting ready to spread her wings.

The economic downturn has hit New Bern, Connecticut, and Tessa Woodruff's herbal apothecary shop, For the Love of Lavender, is suffering. So is her once-happy thirty-four-year marriage to Lee. They'd given up everything to come back to New Bern from Boston and start their business, but now they're wondering if they made the right decision. To relieve the strain, Tessa signs up for a quilting class at the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop, and to her surprise, rediscovers the power of sisterhood - along with the childhood friend she thought she'd lost forever...Madelyn Beecher left New Bern twenty years ago and never looked back. But when her husband is convicted of running a Ponzi scheme and she's left with nothing but her late grandmother's cottage, she is forced to return to the town she fled. Unfortunately, the cottage is in terrible shape. Madelyn's only hope is to transform it into an inn. But to succeed, she'll need the help of her fellow quilters, including the one friend she never thought she'd see again - or forgive. Now Madelyn and Tessa will have to relive old memories, forge new ones, and realize it's possible to start over, one stitch at a time - as long as you're surrounded by friends...

Her newest book just released TODAY!!! 
Margot Matthews loves her job at the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop and the life and friendships she's made in New Bern, Connecticut; she just never thought she'd still be single on her fortieth birthday. And Margot's friend, Abigail, is trying to match-make even though Margot has all but given up on romance. When Philippa, a new female pastor arrives in town, truth be told not everyone is happy about it. Yet despite a rocky start, Philippa begins to settle in - finding ways to ease the townspeople's burdens, joining the quilting circle, and forging a fast friendship with Margot. When tragedy threatens to tear Margot's family apart, Philippa's friendship - and the help of the quilting sisterhood - will prove a saving grace. And while she untangles her feelings for another new arrival in town, Margot realizes that it is the surprising detours woven into life's fabric that provide its richest hues...

All excerpts are from 
I am very excited to be able to Giveaway this set of Marie Bostwick's novels.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Sunshine Weekend

Jakob was inducted into the National Honor Society Friday Night. I was very proud of him.

Zekaryah came and volunteered with me on Saturday morning at our Depot Day to set up vendors and then went to the Fun Run right after, he then came back to the Depot Day to volunteer more hours, getting in a total of 4 hours and then he got to relax at a friends birthday party that evening.

He did so well. He took first place in his grade level. I missed our daughter all weekend, she was with a friend for her birthday. We dropped her off late Friday night and got her back Sunday afternoon. She had a great time. I was proud of her sticking to her promise to come home and write her 2 page paper due for English. We got it done and it looked great! It was a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I love sunflowers, I keep trying to grow them. I plant seeds every year. NOTHING! This year I was impressed to see this lone sunflower. I hope to maybe harvest seeds from it and use it to plant more. Of course I need to look up how to do that exactly.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

Today my goal was to have this queen size quilt top finished. I was able to achieve that, which is wonderful because I think that means that when my oldest son gets home tonight he can help me pull some tables outside to get it pinned and then possibly he can help me get it quilted. I have a field trip with him tomorrow and then volunteer at the jr high library on Thursday morning so I am really trying to use my time wisely. I have one more quilt order to finish, I am still waiting on that fabric to arrive, so having this one done would be spectacular. One of these days I hope to rearrange our bedroom so that I can pin these larger quilts in my bedroom and not have to wait on someone to come home to help me move tables etc. I do admit I don't make many queen size quilts at all.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Thinking of my Parents today

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary. It is a day like today when I really wished I did not live hundreds of miles from my dad. I wish I could take him to lunch and make him smile since I know his heart has to hurt a little as does mine. My mom has been gone almost two years now, some days are still not very easy.

My mom loved my dad like no other. They sure had so many obstacles in their marriage. I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful example of how to FIGHT for your marriage and how much work it is. Its the little things like my dad kissing my mom every morning before he left for work and every evening when he got home that I will always remember and hold onto.

I wish I had a better picture of this moment. It was the last time we spent time with my parents as a family, the kids would see them one more time for Christmas a couple years later..

This is our last full family photo...look at these very little kids, who are now nearly all in their teens. Amazing how quickly time goes by.

I am so thankful for all three trips they made to Texas, at the birth of each one of my children.

I am thankful for this trip that I took with them as an adult, while I lived with them for six months in 2006.

I am thankful for the gatherings in their home, even if I was miles away, that brought my mom such joy.

This is the middle of the quilt that I buried with my mom. One of her favorite verses. While we remember her today, and celebrate the love that her and my dad had/have for one another, we have a little sadness but we will always rejoice for she is in heaven with our Lord and family that has left before us.