Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tackle it Monday and Tuesday

I have been working hard to get things finished up before my dad arrives. The project started months ago with painting, new windows etc. It is nice because really its just improvements to make the house become a home rather then just a roof over our heads. I love how it is coming along. This week I focused on the living room, den, dining room and back hallway
This was where all the painting began. I have had this room finished for a while but had not started to hang things on the walls yet. It really is starting to become very warm and inviting. Just need to finish framing the second windows, stain the wood on the inside and paint on the outside.

I love this hallway. No one else seems to like it because it made it rather dark. I can't wait till we can do all the trim work and add the baseboards. We are making it all ourselves. That is the best part because I LOVE staining wood.
This is my new favorite area. I use to have all these crosses on the back hallway wall off the den. I had two pictures here and it just never felt right. This wall goes up like this along the bar area and then over and across all the way the room. I can't wait to have so many crosses the whole thing is full. Better yet it means my husband can now start getting me crosses as gifts, he never knows what to get me. Problem solved.

This is part of our dining room. It is open to the living room, den and kitchen. This piano was on my living room wall before but I wanted our TV there. SO for now the piano is in our dining room. Eventually I would like cabinets here or something. The walls are very white in color and plain. I wanted something warm and cozy. We spend a lot of time in this room.

I love it! We are going to put our dart board to the left of the piano. I haven't decided if I want to put pictures on this wall of family or maybe something nice. If I ever get someone to take the piano off our hands, we might put a game table here. I still need to do the trim work, but need to buy white paint first.
We use this area a ton. That is because it leads to the outside yard area. I despise country blue. No offense but I grew up in it after the olive drab green/yellow phase. The previous owners had a duck trim motif and the country blue. I painted the walls white but decided it too needed something more. I never did get the door done when I did the walls and trim before because we were going to replace it. Four years later its still the same old blue door.

I came up with this. A pretty taupe color I used in the dining room and a Gray Pebble stone for the trim with a nice porcini mushroom brown for the door. It really made this area so much better. Now I would like to find some Texas wallpaper border for the top, since it was never textured. 
This area had always been our living room because I quilted in the living room. This past year we turned it into an exercise area. I spend a lot of time here because the computer is just outside of this zone. I wanted to make this area warm too. I am so tired of WHITE WALLS. I loved the trim color it was called Trenchcoat Khaki. I didn't have enough to redo it, so had to choose another color. The Pebble Stone Gray is nice too. It has a brownish gray hue.

I chose a Barefoot Sand color, light taupe, for the walls. I have not painted the white wood behind the machines. I couldn't fit my step ladder there, so everything is done minus that and the trim along the bottom of the loft that goes across the top of this room.

I can't wait until the walls are dry so I can put all my stuff back up. I am saddened that the exterior of my fireplace is gone, so we will be unable to enjoy the warmth this room provided every winter. I am hoping when my dad is here he can help me figure out how to save the chimney part enough to at least use it as a candle holder for the appeal of the room. I didn't get the window trim work done- since I think we are replacing the wood. When the fireplace pulled away from the house it left huge cracks in all the inside framing of the windows. Figured best to wait and see before spending the time to paint it. It was a lot of work but I love how it is all coming together.  


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