Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Monday

This will be another rough week. I will have to be cautious and plan my days and nights to fit everything in. That is where I am so thankful for Planning menus.
This week I will be leaning on the principal that "I can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me."
Waffles- strawberries and whip cream
Chicken fryer in Crock pot- side rice or potatoes
Homemade Velveeta mac n cheese, side of various veggies
French Toast
BBQ Hot dogs and Hamburgers
Spaghetti Night
Not sure yet....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New giveaway of a Ham

There is a new giveaway I entered today- its for a free ham, now who would not want to at least attempt to win that!

What am I giving away?

5 winners will receive 1 Spiral Sliced Easter Ham – delivered to your home in time for Easter dinner!

Go HERE to enter

Tackle it Tuesday

I am still under the weather. I am also a tad depressed, tad being a lightly taken word, it is probably much bigger than that really. I have this rash that won't go away. It started as Hives I thought from stress, gradually I think it is environmental or food related. Its the strangest thing. i get it a couple times a year and it is so similar to poison ivy. Just a pain really. The benadryl wipes me out. Then on top of that I have headaches that are non stop. So yesterday and today I have rested. I did go to Krogers Monday and then to Walgreens today, but outside of some wash, cleaning the bathroom and dishes, no real tackles.
Today's tackle was a big deal to me. I have yet to do really good at Walgreens. Today I want to say I finally figured the coupon part out. Above is what I got. 4 packs of razors, 2 st ives scrub, one thing of noxema- I could not find my second coupon- bummer, a thing of peeps that was mismarked- I was so rushed I didn't catch it, and gum.
Their breakdown
I paid $14.01
Wag Coupon- my RR $3
WAG advertised savings 6.41
MFG Coupons 32.08
total savings 41.85. Pretty awesome.
I will admit most people probably used the $4 coupons on Shick to buy the 12 pack bag, but my husband didn't care for those last time I did that. My oldest is only 14 and just started shaving so he doesn't mind. Therefore I paid 99 cents each for the 4 pack. I felt good about that. Why all the gum- well one Easter is around the corner, we have two acres and I love Easter Egg Hunts. We do them a little different around here, we fill the eggs with coupons to redeem items. I have been watching coupons on candy and gum for a while so I am just about ready. I do wish I could get a couple games but so far not much luck on that one. So this year we may not have any big prizes, it may just be candy and gum, but it will be fun all the same.
So for me it may not have been housework this time, but after all the work last week, a Walgreens trip was a really good deal

Looking for Recipes

I am looking for a really good white bread recipe and a pancake/waffle recipe. I figure over the summer I will need to make both of these items from scratch to help save money wise some. If you have one to offer I would love to try them.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Storage Room and Visitor

Friday I went and picked up Mekenzei's friend to come stay the night. It was nice because we stopped by her Walmart on the way back and I finally found the black rug for Jakob's room. Failed to get picture of this.. oh well. So anyway they went out to play when we got back to our house, as her friend had not seen our new puppies. Then jumped on the trampoline and she didn't feel good- mekenzei that is, so she came in to rest. I put a movie in my room the girls came in and laid on my bed and I painted away at the storage room. It was a warm day so I knew the paint would dry nicely. Jakob made a batch of brownies and then painted the corners to work off some money he owed me.
All in all it looked really nice. You can hardly tell that it was plywood underneath anymore. Its very exciting to see it finally coming together- you have to understand this is a project over a year in the making.
Sunday we spent the day putting up one wall of shelves. We cant do the very top shelf because we are out of funds. Can't do the other walls right now either, but hey that is okay, eventually...
Paul had a pretty good idea I think. He took some wood, cut it down and nailed to the walls, then took two pieces and laid them next to each other and screwed them in. He did make a brace for the middle of the whole thing and then braced that to the underneath of each shelf on either side. He says I have to paint them though. BUMMER! I was ready to start loading them down. The wood is still damp so I am thinking later this week. I have another painting project as I spent $20 and got a gallon of Chocolate paint- called Black Tea- go figure. I will do Zekaryah's stairs this week and then also the dresser in our room- which we would have to unload into a container I guess. Not looking forward to that part. All in all a good Spring Break week- we got lots done, and a great weekend, despite the rain.

Menu Monday

I wanted everyone involved a little more in the menu. So everyone picked one meal. Zekaryah stuck around so he got two choices- Smart kid. Tonight's dinner super easy because we had hamburger gravy over potatoes Saturday Night so I premade the beef enchiladas for Paul and I- can't wait till the kids will eat something like that!
Enchiladas- Beef with green sauce- adults
Zekaryah's Request: Cheese Enchiladas with red sauce younger two
Fish Filets and veggies oldest

Mekenzei's Request- Blueberry Waffles

Tuna Helper - Kiddos
Pauls Request: Veggie Night Adults

Zekaryah's request: Tacos and charro beans

Jakob's Request Chicken/Beef Fajitas

Easy mommy church night- Spaghetti, garlic bread and broccoli/green beans

On Your Own or BBQ- depends on weather

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jakobs Room Part 2

Jakobs Room Part 2
This is a desk that Joyce, Paul's mom gave us years ago. I had painted it a green color when we lived at her house a few years back. I never did like the color it turned out, it was not even close to the color match I chose.. I knew Jakob would need a desk with his crazy school load that starts this summer, so I figured it would be better served in his room.
First we took all the knobs off, sanded the edges etc and then I used some free paint I got last summer from Glidden. It was a special they were running, you didn't even pay shipping. I had chose this paint for the dresser in my room, but I knew I should use it on this instead. My room can wait.
Zekaryah chose to get this picture of me finishing up.. Great kid he is, not such a flattering photo though. LOL

Next is a chair I had already started to dismantle when I thought uh oh before and after shots. This chair came from my dad, it was something he salvaged from work when I was a kid. I was so happy to have this chair, and I have hung on to it all these years. It has seen better days and really needed a face lift.
I had this cool upholstery fabric that I wanted to use for some throw pillows- well chair pillows works It was a little difficult because there are these crazy metal tabs in four places on the top piece. I think overall it turned out great. Its not professional but I believe it is very functional.
I did want to paint the legs black- but that would mean I would have to spend money and the deal was to do this move from the loft to this bedroom for as little money as we could. So for now it will stay brown- the color it always has been. I know it will be a chore to paint this metal in general.
So for whats left..I need to get a rug- right now I have a scrap piece of material under the chair so that it does not scratch the wood in this room. I have tried to make them be careful because I sanded these floors by hand when we first moved in, but then my grandfather died and I had to leave for Utah. I never did get the rest of the hall or the living room done, so therefore the wood has never been re-stained and sealed. One day...there are so many other pressing items that are needed first. I do still need to sew the fabric around the pillows in his corner chair (in a previous post), find some fabric for curtains and finish piecing the quilt top so I can get that done. For tonight though it was a great finish and he is ever so happy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Zekaryah's Room before

This is Jakob's room - the loft.. Just to show how crazy the move really is.
Picture two... I forgot to get pictures of the other side of Zekaryah's it was pretty crazy too. Note they had moved some things before I tackled it today.. it was a family job for sure!
Part One of Zekaryah's NEW ROOM
For now he does not have a dresser. I would love to put some bookcases in this area to store his clothes. He never used dressers before. He doesn't seem to like them. So for now will see how this works. I did find these bins that were storing fabric of mine, and we turned them into toy containers for now- so it was free for the time being.
Here you see that Zek does own some books! LOL I love this bookshelf. I had given it to Jakob when he was in fourth grade- it is when my dad made it for me. Jakob has now passed it on to Zekaryah. He has lots of counter top space that still can be used, so that is really nice. I do still have to paint and take all the wallpaper down, or paint over it. I am still trying to decide.
Carrying this TV thing up was a pain. Our friends Matt and Stef gave it to Zekaryah a year ago- so he was not willing to part with it. He had quite a few wall decor items in the old room so it was nice to see it all come together in this one. We are going to add wood trim along the top which I will paint Navy, then paint the walls a sea green or something. Make it BOAT like..
Here is Mekenzei already enjoying Zekaryah's room. I like the futon couch thing. Jakob always left it flat because he had to sleep diagonally - Z won't have that problem for a little while. I do still need to paint- as that was the agreement for the bribe to trade rooms- Something Jakob really needed. Then I also have some material to hem on all four sides to then staple to the railing- like I did for Jakob before. Since they have different themed rooms I had to take the old down, but no worries it will become pillow covers for a chair in Jakob's current room. Still need to finish Z's quilt too.
Now here is Jakob's NEW Room
Still need to cover the pillows for this chair, thankfully the fabric he had on the railing will work perfectly for that. I have four huge floor pillows to cover, I hope to get at least three of them done. Getting all his books sorted was his job! I did put all his clothes away.
I am so happy with this rug. I made it out of tapestry. I just happened to find a small piece for $2 its about 50 by 70, or thereabouts..It really is nice for his room, plus the previous owners cut the real wood out in a huge area under the rug- in the closet part so it hides the imperfection!
Jakob enjoying his new room- funny cause he started out with this bed- our old one- when we first moved here, but when he switched with Mekenzei the first summer, he lost it. No way I was carrying it up to the loft! The nice thing about the extra dresser is it matches the bed frame and other dresser. My old boss gave us the whole set. Before the mattress had always just sat on the floor. Now this dresser stores a few polo shirts he refuses to wear, but that I wont throw out because they were free and he will need them for something- I guarantee it. Then his video game parts and Lego's he was not willing to let go of. So no clutter. YEAH MOMMY!!!
I still need to find some game type wall stuff, paint the desk that should go next to the bed. Recover the chair my dad gave me from his work years ago- yes mom I still have it. Then finish up his quilt. I want to get a $20 rug from Walmart to throw on the floor too, because I never have sealed the wood so its quite drafty. (if that is a word)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Monday

I am getting this up late..already Monday night. I went shopping tonight so the younger two ate cereal, Paul and I had eaten lunch late so he skipped dinner. One day down..
I really have no clue what we are eating this week. I need a plan though because it is very busy. I still need a few more things from Walmart but I have little time to shop, so might get real creative. I have no bread for instance and so far every time I make it the kids wont eat it. I need to research and find a WONDERFUL recipe that has no wheat flour in it.

Chicken in crockpot with cream of mushroom soup

Tuna Helper for kiddos (minus the tuna for Mekenzei)
Veggies night for Paul and I

Cold Cereal- Open house at the school- I wont be here for dinner

Burgers and hotdogs
Homemade fries

Spaghetti and garlic bread

Blueberry Waffles and eggs

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I tackled a lot. First was my fear of new places and uncomfortable situations. I had to go to a tire and lube place to get an oil change and a tire fixed. I had never been there before so it made me very uncomfortable. Needless to say I took my devotional and Paul's small carry bible and sat in the waiting area until they were done. It wasn't too bad. I did think my heart would come out of my chest, but as I did my bible study my spirit calmed. I did find that the tire lining was ruined but thankfully they did prorate the tires so it was not as bad, still $83 though.
Then I hit Kroger, got some more tuna packets for the kids lunches, some more free milk by buying the Kellogg's 4 for $10- with coupons and then also got 4 things of blistex for free, 6 things of green giant veggies for free and some cookies- Oreo I might add for free off my free milk purchase, pretty nice. On the way in I found a $10 Catalina someone threw on the ground for Walgreen's, so I can use that with the $2 one I already had. I just need to find a great deal to spend the $12 on.
I also got paid for a set of Potholders I figured I was doing for free, that was a nice surprise. Made up for some of the free stuff I am donating for a Baking Basket for a grade that neither of my children are even in. The towels above are for that basket and that is the last of my tackle it Tuesday, which somewhere between oil/tires and groceries I ran home, unloaded the food, ran out the door hit McD's for a hamburger and coke, then to a PTO meeting, then home to help with homework and to do the towels. Hoping to still get dinner made, more homework done and a set of potholders before the night is through. Then just maybe some sleep :-)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Monday

This weeks meals, I have a very busy schedule so I am hoping to pull this off.

Spaghetti with ground pork, Texas Toast Broccoli
Fresh blueberry Waffles, sausage and bacon
Chicken- in crock pot with cream of mushroom soup, rice and cream style corn
Tuna Helper and green beans for Kiddos
Beans and cornbread for Paul and I
Homemade Mac n Cheese (Velveeta style) Mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, fried okra
Hot Dogs and Brauts
Pancakes or some other breakfast food