Sunday, March 27, 2016

Second batch of chicks

We had gotten some eggs from a friend to help run two incubators worth of chicks. We didn't have as much success as we would have liked. Each incubator holds 40+ eggs and 35 hatched, so we kept 5 of them and gave  her the rest. We are running another batch. I am hoping we get a better percentage this time. Its tough sometimes, you have to worry about the temperature, water in the incubators, then when they are hatching there is a process to that too. We did loose five right from the start. Of course Paul has a snake and he enjoys that part of this process.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Break with Family Friends

Zekaryah had a good friend named Zach, he is a couple years younger but he spends a lot of time with their family. This year they kept him for Spring Break because they were headed out of town for vacation. He had a great time.
Oddly enough he saw one of his other classmates from school there. They posted photos about them stalking each other it was funny.
They got to visit the USS Lexington
I am so thankful he had a great time on break
They truly are family to him.
We actually didn't see him until Sunday right before school was about to start up again
I dropped Mekenzei and Zekaryah at the movies sunday night to have some time together before break was officially over.
They enjoyed seeing Allegiant.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life with Chickens and a Horse

When you have little chickens the brooding house only lasts for so long. We spent Saturday reworking the old quail cages. We no longer have quail or dove, the wildlife had gotten to all of them over the course of the last couple of years.
Zekaryah worked on getting Lucky, Izzy's Horse, a shelter. We need to purchase some metal siding for the top.
There was a tree behind the horse shelter so of course Zekaryah "had to" climb the tree and cut the two big limbs, which required him to hang upside down
I am thankful I have learned to worry a little less at my tree boys desire to be in the trees so much.
By nightfall the little chicks had a new place. Hatchet did not like that they were once again moved.
Monday we got home mid day and MeKenzei was home and started helping us clear the next step in the chicken process. Soon we will have a new set of eggs hatching and these little guys will need a normal area, so we have a fenced yard we have to refortify, it hasn't been used in quite some time, it was for ducks before. 
Paul worked hard to get the foundation set for a roof and laying boxes
Hatchet (and Pilsner too) worked hard to enjoy the nice cool ground. He also kept some roosters that wanted to fight in line. Boy can he break up a fight, he tosses the rooster into its own corner and checks on the other. Its kind of funny. One day I might catch video of it.
What I did catch was this little chick (hen) swinging- literally on the wire to the warming light. We put in some sticks so they could roost but this swing idea might be something to do in their bigger coop area. She sure loves it.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was full of church and then driving Jakob back to Dallas to finish out Spring Semester
We had time for a very quick lunch after church, a few photos at the park and then it was a late night getting him home and back to our house. I am so thankful for the week he was home with us.

Easter 2016

Easter 2016 consisted of a scavenger and easter egg hunt
Mekenzei got to go first
They had so much fun looking for their clues to their items
Having 2 acres gives us a huge advantage to hide eggs everywhere
We typically make them go from the front to back of the property and in between as they work through clue by clue to their final clue leading to their hidden item
The boys helped Mekenzei with some of her clues
It took her a while to find her item in this shed. Lucky wanted to know what she was removing and if it was for him, this is where his feed is stored
Even the dogs enjoy hunting along with the kids, they don't truly understand but are excited over the commotion
MeKenzei had wanted a bible to dig further into studying the Word of the Lord. I found this one that seemed perfect for her. We bought some tabs as well as that was a feature that she desired but that this one didn't include. Shes still waiting for the Lord to direct her upon a path for her scholastic future and career but for now she is doing her part by learning more about what he says and what his promises are for her life.
They boys joined in on their hunt this year. So much happens all year while Jakob is at school, so its harder to give clues and have him truly know what he is hunting for, where to go, besides they had a combined item this year as well. A window unit for the loft, something truly needed since Izzy will continue living with us and she is staying in Jakob's room, so he has to bunk this summer with Zekaryah, in a loft that isn't even 4 foot tall.
Easter felt a little rushed for us. Jakob's spring break is always the week before their spring break, so we only had a weekend to fit in family time. We did make the best of it though.
Lucky was just like the dogs, he wanted to go everywhere they were going and join in on the fun.
I had to remind Zekaryah to let Jakob read and figure out some of the clues as well. Its funny that even at 20 years old he was still enjoying a family tradition.
I think this guy enjoys it more than anyone~
One clue we nearly have every year leads to the garden and it says salsa is made from here.
I don't think these dogs could have been any happier to run back and forth through the yard
MeKenzei gets pretty silly while they are looking for their clues, of course she knew what their item was and where too.
I truly love having them all together. I look forward to years from now when their children come and have the same traditions.
Easter is about Christ and what comes from his death and resurrection. We are truly blessed to have the gift of eternal life with one another.
I know for this girly, having her brother home for a few days was gift enough. She sure misses him while he is away at college.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Prayer Healing Rag Quilt

Jakob designed the quilt arrangement for me, just something he wanted to do. This quilt was made for a Mother of our Choir Teacher at school. She lost her daughter this past summer to a long battle with breast cancer. Now she has treatment of her own to go through. MeKenzei and I were talking one night and she shared the story with me, she asked me to pray for them. That night God wrestled with me in my dreams. He was calling me to make this quilt for them. I had quite a bit on my plate already and it needed to be finished before we went to Spring Break. Somehow my schedule started clearing out and I was able to have it finished and ready to drop off yesterday morning.
This quilt has prayers said over it as it was made. My prayer is that it will provide strength during times when extra is needed. Hope in its beautiful colors and Joy in its warmth and softness as if the Lord himself was giving a hug to her in times of need. I pray that the treatment go well and that there is healing in her life if that is The Lord's Will for her. I pray for her family as they endure this again, esp in the very raw emotions that are currently still very present.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sunshine of Autumn Quilts

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Math Project

Mekenzei had a calculator algorithm project to create. After they created the image, they had to draw it out on paper. I was amazed at its beauty. She put a lot of time and effort into this one.