Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful Day Twelve and Thirteen

Thankfulness Day Twelve
I am posting these late as I was focused on many tasks this weekend and did not have time to blog.
I am thankful for great teachers. My middle son decided to not do homework all week last week for a particular class. I had noticed online that he had a poor grade in two classes. I wrote the teachers to find one fed up with him and who decided to give both my husband and I a call. I am thankful that this teacher recognized that this was out of character for him and that we needed to be contacted. My middle son does not like change. He rebels against it. He likes me to be home when he gets home. Me choosing to go back to work for US, affected his routine. I am thankful that the teacher is going to take him under her wing. He was supposed to be put into a mentoring program but slipped through the cracks and wasn't. I am thankful we can make up the work he missed and that he can rework some assignments he had a poor grade on. I am also thankful that she is giving him the benefit of the doubt and allowing him to still pass her class so that he can participate in choir.
I don't really understand why that hour makes such a difference to his life. I get off near 4, they don't get home until 3:30, so working really shouldn't be an issue. I am thankful we had a time to talk things through and that it will all have a positive outcome.

Thankfulness Day Thirteen
I am thankful that the house is really starting to become clean. Things are not just stashed somewhere, but they are sorted, containerized and have new homes. It will make my morning routine run smooth and help the house to stay clean through our very busy schedule as I try to juggle subbing, quilting and children. I am thankful that we can haul trash to Paul's work since we do not have trash service. I am thankful the children decided to take on their own rooms so that I would have less to do. I am thankful for the painted walls in the living room and then also the hallway as now that the pictures are all back up, and my crosses the house is really starting to resemble a home with warm and love. I am thankful I am learning to endure Football season, because it is hard to not be resentful that it takes a huge chunk of the day on Sunday, and less gets done due to my husband's inability to multitask. I am also thankful for the Girl's activity at church last night. I love watching the kids leave church so excited about spending time with one another and in God's word. Last I am super thankful that in a week my dad will be here. The last time I saw him was at my mom's funeral so it is very exciting that he is making his way this week to Texas, and he will be able to spend Thanksgiving with us as a family.


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