Friday, October 18, 2013

Senior and Freshman Years

I cannot believe that the first nine weeks of my son's senior year are nearly through. Boy has it been super busy! We have attended Baylor colleges premiere day. We visited Rice University on his day off in October so that he did not mess up his perfect attendance. We have submitted a few scholarship applications and are waiting to hear back. We have put in a few applications to campuses he is interested in and its the same story, wait and see. We have done some great things for him too like painting his room, refinishing his bed and wood floors and giving him a better more adequate space for a student who is nearly 18 years old. I just can't believe how quickly time passes by.
The younger two are enjoying their freshman year. They are running really well in cross country and are getting used to their class schedules and more complicated lives. They seem to really enjoy choir also and were a little upset that they could not do this years play due to conflicts with after school activities with cross country.
I have been super busy trying to plan our Hometown Christmas for the Historical Society. I have subbed a few days, worked on some quilt orders and helped with the cross country team and also the choir. I have found myself helping with more homework and projects this year too. Its been an experience.
I hope that I continue to count our blessings, we have so much to be thankful for even though things tend to be harder with having less income coming in right now.
Hopefully I also find time to start blogging again. I hope to get some pictures and updates logged in of this school year so that we will have them for memories in the years to come.