Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankfulness Season Day Two

Was so blessed today with two wonderful classes of 4th graders. They were polite, quiet, respectful and followed ALL the rules. What a great Friday- The school did so well on Box Top collections we get to wear Jeans on Monday- That is good news to me since I work the afternoon. Praying for a call for the morning shift so I get a full day again.
I am also so thankful it warmed up before we had afternoon recess. I was really dreading being outside in the cold weather. There was plenty of sunshine to stay warm. I had such a great day teaching. 
I am thankful for a wonderful customer on a quilt order. I found out early this morning that the 10 yard bolt of fabric I ordered had been canceled. I needed it for the back of her quilt. I was able to get a message to her and call her when I got home. She was super easy to work with. We are doing red on the front now and black on the back and I have the new fabrics reordered. I am stuck with 3 yards of black from the very first arrangement, however I am trusting the Lord already has that person's quilt in mind. I will patiently wait for him to guide them to me.
Yeah for the weekend. I have a Craft Show tomorrow from 9-4. I have two wonderful quilts to actually sell and some others to show as samplers. I am praying that it will provide many local eyes to my work for possible future orders. I am thankful my husband can join me so he can help with setup and tear down of the canopy.
Have a great weekend!

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