Thursday, February 28, 2013

Track Season 2013

Our younger two are in the middle of their track season. I am so impressed to see how hard they are working. I am also so impressed at open moments like this where part of their team is in prayer before the race. To be young and realize that prayer unites them as a team and strengthens them as individuals warms my heart! This is the only picture I got from their first meet because our camera was having issues. Our daughter beat the record for her school! 9.18 on the... Our son got third place for 8th grade boys on the 1.5 mile. On the one mile that night they both took first place. What a great Valentines Day.
2 Mile Run Both came in 3rd overall, he came in before her and did not know his time, but she knew hers was 13.11. Good run!
On the One Mile Run he got 4th for Boys 8th grade and she came in 2nd for 8th grade girls with a time of 5.53. I might have to start asking the coach for his times since he never hears them. (2/21/13)
(2/27/13) It was SO SO COLD!!! I am thankful that I took the time to pick up some under armor shirts for them Tuesday night. They needed them for the run, when that sun went down it was super cold! They always start the meet with the 2400 m run tonight's results.
He came in 6th for 8th grade boys under 13 min on the 2 mile. She came in 1st for 8th grade girls with a time of 1309, love it!
The second to last race of the night always around 8-9 pm is the 1600 m run the results were
He placed 2nd and she placed 1st. Another great night..