Friday, November 4, 2011

What I am Learning Friday

I forgot how exhausting it is trying to quilt, sub teach, raise children, care for a house etc. I came home from work yesterday- just a half day, which was unexpected at all and very last minute. I had a sink full of dishes, wash to be done, bathroom not cleaned and just a couple hours till a Talent Show at the school. 
I will admit I was relieved to see my husband was home, he had already been cooking the kids Mac N Cheese- so much for a menu plan and he was heating me up some dinner from the night before. That did take a great deal of stress off. Thankfully the younger two didn't have any homework but somehow the night still got away from us.
I managed to get dishes done before the Talent show, then off we went. We were there nearly two hours. I get back throw a load of wash in, try to get kids in and out of the shower and prepare myself to finish the rag quilt, only to find I really just wanted some sleep.
I thought of all the women who work out of their home with 9-10 hours then come home to the same thing. I know at one point when the kids were little I was one of those moms and somehow I managed to do it all. Last night as I went to bed I was frustrated knowing that the house I had been working hard to keep clean when I was not subbing was gradually getting dirty again. What I learned yesterday was that communication was a key. Just before bed I had all the wash that was not folded by my oldest child- his chore for the day. I grabbed it all, cleared off my quilting table and started to fold at 10 pm. My husband asked what I was doing. I simply explained I didn't want to get behind, it would just take a few minutes to fold the three loads and then we could go to bed. He actually got out of bed and helped me. Communication is going to be my lifesaver if I am to quilt, work out of the house and maintain our busy lives. I also found that the past two days (wed-thur) I left notes for the kids. Each day they claimed to not see their note. I will be investing in a chalk board that I can put on the wall for a message center. They will have to pitch in a little via empting dishwasher etc to make it all work. I am very thankful for the extra hours so it might take some getting used to in order to manage it all.
Hope you have a great weekend.

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