Thursday, September 29, 2011

Preview of a Giveaway

Stay tuned next week I am doing a great giveaway to my readers.. Its going to be so fun!

Thankful Thursday

Today I am THANKFUL for RAIN.
I missed the smell
I missed the sound
I missed the cool touch on our skin
I missed thinking about cuddling in my bed, reading a book, while it hit the pavement outside.

Thank you Lord for the beautiful Rain!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Finished Quilt top- now in search of a King Size batting.

Tackle it Tuesday

So another post that is a little late, but this is what my Tackle it Tuesday was all about- a Queen Size A&M Quilt

I got all the Tshirts cut, stabilized and then cut into squares. Then I was able to attach the side fabrics to each creating rows. I would have gotten more done but I had a HUGE problem with wrinkled fabric. It took an hour to straighten it enough to be able to get a clean cut for my 3 in borders.
For more Tackle it Tuesday Posts see 5 Minutes for Mom

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dating Our Husbands Challenge

I cam across this great challenge about dating our husband's on Becoming a Strong Woman of God's Blog
I have been doing a couple other challenges all of which will improve our home life and help me to be a better mom and wife, and lets face is a better friend too. The Inspired to Action Challenge has a focus of three areas of your life, one of which is exercise. I found that a great way to incorporate this Challenge- of dating our husbands. We took two 2 mile walks last week. I hope we can figure a way out to incorporate it into our daily lives. We had children pleading to join us but my husband realized this was a great opportunity to have some FREE TIME together. I am thankful. When we first started dating 16 years ago it was through walks. I love that walking is returning to our lives, and what a great way to get fit too.
I didn't want it to just stop there, so this weekend we rented the movie GraceCard. I had heard it was very inspirational. We got the kids settled down, mentioned we were DATING IN, and then watched our movie. I was very thankful there was not one interruption. 
I talk very openly with our children about the fact that we should date even though we are married. That we need that connection time together and how that helps our relationship stay strong for when the storms of life hit. We very much enjoyed the movie. I am looking forward to this coming weekend. I am praying we find tickets to the movie Courageous on Sunday night. I am hearing it is sold out all around the United States. I feel this will be another time to connect and enjoy one another.
Sonya has a great idea... get back to the basics. Take a walk in the park, drive a back road, set up a picnic in your back yard, just take time to connect. You will both be better for it.
I know I am going to personally enjoy this Dating our Husband Challenge

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

For more menu planning ideas please see

Monday   (meeting for SOS 7-9)
Crockpot Chicken, Rice, Corn

Mac n Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, brocolli

Wednesday (younger two bible study 5-6:30 they eat there)
Corn Dogs and Tator Tots

Spaghetti, Green Beans, Garlic Bread

Friday (have Kenzei's friend for night)
Homemade Pizza

Saturday  (CC meet 8 am)
Chicken Kabobs and Rice

Enchiladas, Refried Beans- Bean Burrito Jakob

Friday, September 23, 2011

31 Days to Clean Housewive Style

When I think of a housewive I strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I think of the television housewives we all grew up with I think of June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson, Carol Brady, Claire Huxtable, Mrs. Cunningham and Lucy Ricardo. I love trying to be June Cleaver but honestly I am more a Lucy Ricardo. If it can go wrong it will. That is probably why it is one of my favorite shows of all time, I Love Lucy.
I have been working through 31 Days to Clean- Having a Martha House the Mary Way for a while now. It got interrupted by the fires we had but I am still trying to get through it. I just might finish a week late.
I had written a great mission statement,
I strive to be a Proverbs 31 wife and mother 
by having a home that is clean, 
organized and simplified. 
This will allow me to provide 
my family and friends 
with a dwelling that will
radiate warmth, love and comfort 
while we fellowship with one another. 
It will also allow us to live simply 
so that we lead less stressful 
and compete lives.

I had one of the kids, Jakob, ask this week as he did homework and saw my mission statement on the board above the computer- did you find this in the Bible. I just had to grin and then said, no, but I prayed about it and that is what came from my heart through the Holy Spirit. It is what I ask of God to help me with.

This week has had its ups and downs. I don't feel like I am as ahead as I would have liked to have been. I do keep pressing forward though. The bathroom has remained clean for two weeks. Every morning and night I touch it up. Mekenzeis room has stayed fairly clean minus laundry from other rooms that pile there as I deep clean the house, it has been that way since Saturday. Jakob's room is still a work in progress. The Kitchen is also a work in progress, we have a few drawers to go through still, and also two corner cabinets.

I am hoping this weekend we can get it completely done. I have been trying to tackle our room since Wednesday. I will admit very little progress has been made. I feel very overwhelmed when I even think about it. So I decided to take a look back at my two weeks and see how far I have come, hence this Blog post, and then work for the next hour and just DO SOMETHING. I am very thankful for the inspiring words in the 31 Days to Clean, and I plan to keep at it.. For more information and a discount: 
Today is the LAST DAY to get the PDF of 31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way for only $2.50! Use code: homemaker 

What I am Learning Friday

I am learning even when you plan things do go wrong. The example this week was Wed night. I had a meeting. I talked with Paul a couple of times over the phone to make sure he knew to pick the kids up. My said meeting started at 5:30 so I could pick up Kenzei's friend, and then drop them off. Well I was not done with my meeting until 7:30. I get a text from hubby that says, You got the kids right? hmmm, nope..
I will be honest that since I had not heard from him and then i got this text an hour later than they were supposed to be picked up I really did think he was pulling my leg. I was disappointed to find out he wasn't.
See so I had a plan and he had a plan but we did not communicate well. He came home worked on my kitchen and forgot all about the plan that he would pick them up, he remembered the plan that after he picked them up and brought them home he would probably get a call that my meeting ran over to the diner in which case I would then call him and he could meet me in town for dinner.. Well see he remembered the dinner not the kids, at which he was waiting for me to call him.
At the time it was not a funny story in my mind. I was very upset. So then I realize I did not appreciate fully the shelves he built me right away either. I had to learn a hard lesson that I need to be more clear so I make sure he knows what I expect.
What I am also learning is that if I truly stick to clearing my kitchen table every night and every morning nights like the above happen frequently during the week, instead of below in this picture, which makes me laugh. Would you know it is the only time that I got a picture of Kenzei and her cast..bummer but glad I got at least this one.
So this weeks lesson, stay organized and clean- and be precise with my needs and expectations.

Thankful Thursday and 31 Days to Clean

Much to Be thankful for, still not quite my traditional writing for Thankful Thursday..
Very unorganized and in need of two shelves, one a false shelf to get the pans off the water line, the other to sort the lids out from the pans to help things be more organized- THIS IS MY DESIRE...

 Well my post is a day late. I have been so tired the last couple of days. I am not sure if my thyroid meds are not working well or if I just worked to hard Monday and Tuesday, regardless I am exhausted.
I have much to be thankful for this week. The pictures will have an explanation at the end of this post. I promise. They are before and after- just to give you a clue.

A customer turned friend ordered two more pillowcases from me. She is in the progress of ordering a quilt. She already worked with me to select her fabrics and I ordered them yesterday.
Someone new found my ETSY page and they are interested in a Queen size quilt. I found the perfect jean material that is not jean just cotton and that order will come in a couple weeks when she is back from vacation.

This one I just wanted a shelf to store my saute pan on one shelf and my spaghetti type pan on the other, but I wanted to still be able to store my cutting boards here too, because that is the only place they fit in the kitchen.. My Second Desire..

I am thankful for Facebook and ETSY but I am still trying to figure out how to get more viewers/followers on my business page for Sunshine of Autumn Quilts on Facebook... If you send people to my page I am hosting a giveaway. Come December I will do a giveaway for a free Tshirt Quilt- 12 shirts, so share share share...

Yeah I have a shelf. I love LITTLE THINGS, they speak volumes to my heart.
The best thing of the week is that the house is coming along nicely with my 31 Days to Clean, I have worked  out two days thanks to my Inspired to Action plan, I didn't start that until Tue, so its really not too bad. I walked 4 miles total this week. Then my husband, even though he forgot to get the kids Wed night and they sat at bible study for an hour after it was over, waiting for someone to come get them, which ended up being me after my meeting- he put in the two shelves I have been wanting for 4 years of living in this house!
I will tell you I am a person of small things- I love the little stuff and this just made my week. I have to get some stain in oak color so that I can stain the wood but for now it is functional. It will really help me out. Now I still need the shelf between the stove and dishwasher done, and then two on the wall so I am praying for this weekend...:-)
Here I have two shelves. When I first saw the bottom piece I thought he stuck several pieces of wood on the bottom, nope it is just a side piece with a shelf on top. I love it. It really helps the kids know where things go and we can officially retire the entertainment center in the dining room from holding dishes. That sure will help some household clutter!

This is what it kind of looked before, although it was full of dishes, I had already begun moving things when I snapped this picture this week. I love that this whole wall will be empty once we move this unit into our bedroom this weekend!

The Shunning Movie Review

I watched a movie that is based on the book by Beverly Lewis called The Shunning. It was originally written in 1997. I can remember after having Mekenzei, which was in 1999, my mom told me about this book. At the time I was not much for reading, I was going through some major postpartum depression. She would then give me a copy of the book twice, once just a year before her death. I will be honest in that I NEVER read the book. I understood the subject matter and I just wasn't ready for it.
Tonight when I saw the movie at Redbox something spoke to my heart. I understand so much more why she continued to tell me of this book, and also why she gave me not one but two copies. I understand why I packed up a copy of the book when I was helping my dad clean up her things, after her passing. She was trying to speak to my heart.
The last week of her life we talked about her first husband, my biological dad. The situation surrounding their divorce, her remarriage, my adoption. She apologized for some things and so did I. I think tonight crying through this movie I could feel her presence and really grasp so much more about the situation as an adult, with my own children growing up so quickly. I am thankful the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart tonight. I am thankful that she continued to try to speak to mine, even though I was a little slow to listen. I am super thankful for that conversation we had so that I could get the healing I felt tonight.
May the Lord bless your relationships no matter how complicated they sometimes are.
 It was a great movie I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

Part of my 31 Days to Clean project..the room the boys share- which is really Jakob's. I honestly get tired of cleaning their rooms. I really don't understand why Jakob cannot for the life of him keep a sheet on his bed either.
They are throw and go kids. That is the only way I can explain it.

This is a huge chore

They stash stuff under the bed to make it appear a little cleaner. I really dislike this space. I do however have a great plan for it.

After 2.5 hours, thank goodness for a Free movie from Blockbuster- I have a part way clean and organized room. It has never been this organized. Everything has a spot. This side is for games, legos and the few stuffed animals/books he treasures.

This side houses all of his clothes and his shoes will go underneath

I washed some sheets and his quilt, he now has a made bed. Maybe I can charge him if I have to make it daily? Underneath you will notice green totes- these hold all of Zekaryah's clothes, all organized by type in hopes that it will stay clean. See Jakob there on his bed- hmm wonder why? Well he can't find his desk!! Neither can I.

This bookcase is a treasured possession of mine. I was a little upset we could not evacuate with it. My dad made it for me when I was little. It is very simple and plain but I love it. It went to college with me, it has stored toys, books, baby clothes, just about everything. We have shared some miles together and the kids have with it also.

Remember that desk I told you about? Its somewhere under here. I had intended to finish his room today but frankly I am exhausted. So it will sit and wait for me until tomorrow. Kind of depressing since it puts me a tad behind but I know it will get done. I am determined!

Weekend Cleaning- Kenzei's ROOM

Okay so I posted on Tumblr but then realized not everyone follows me there so I am reposting, hopefully my copy past technique works. Here is our Saturday...

Kenzei’s room has been a thorn in my flesh. We just have been working on it so LONG!!! The floors were a huge project. She got moved back in a few months ago but it has been in disarray ever since. Then we started working on the desk and the fires happened in the area so that got put on hold.
That whole ordeal made us think of how important containers are. So that is what we worked on. All clothing articles are now in containers. It took 4 under the bed containers and then 4-5 shoe box type to make it all work and for it to be organized. It also meant cutting clothing and stuff down by 3 full trash bags. YEAH ME!!! I love less stuff.
I like that her friend Zoei came over that helped a lot. I did sit in there and help out with the whole process. I also gave up my laundry shelf above the washer and dryer so she had a place to store misc stuff. I love it. I can’t wait till Paul builds her a vanity. The tv has to move down the wall, shelving still needs to be done, a ceiling needs to be installed and some minor boards need replacing but otherwise it is looking good.
Her friend pointed out this morning that the peace sign in her curtains- well its upside down! UGH!!! Good thing I did not make the second one yet and they are not lined, so lucky me gets to undo the top and bottom piece and re attach it correctly. FUN FUN. I hate unstitching more than anything else when it comes to sewing.
On greater news the kitchen is about half way done. I can’t show before pictures but I will show some half way ones and the finished project this week.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Proverbs 31 Wife and Mother PT2

 Today's Tackle was the kitchen/dining room its the second day working on it.
 I wanted to empty this unit that has held dishes for 3 years in our house and put it in our bedroom. One to relieve clutter in the kitchen/dining room and two to organize some stuff in my bedroom. I didn't want to get rid of it because it is the first piece of furniture my husband ever purchased for me. He got it right before Mekenzei was born since my parents were coming out. So it means a lot to me.
 We had worked on the lower cabinets Sunday until it got to much with all the power out. This is how the kitchen was left. It was so overwhelming but I kept plugging away at it.
The unit is now ready to be moved. The ac will go in the window after the electrical gets installed.

Got everything put away, everything has a home. The two corner cabinets on the top hold food. I do still need to go through those and figure out how to better use the space. I really dislike them altogether.

 I love this little area, it used to house rubbermaid/ plastic stuff and odds and ends. I got rid of two boxes of odds and ends and now it holds things we use all the time. I am very excited.
I have plans for Paul to add a shelf down the middle- in the end I want to store cookie sheets and cutting boards here, and move the big pans to the other cabinet.

Thankful for my $2 black dish pans, they will help organize this space better.

Another Zone where I have to wait for Paul to put a shelf in, this one will give me space on bottom and top, also a false shelf so that the water line is not damaged.

This is my favorite. The day the fires broke out I found these cute little mugs for $1 each. I was very excited. They did not have five different ones like I wished they had, but they had a set of three that were alike then two that were different, so the kids each have a designated mug and Paul and I now do too. He also has this huge Texas mug I bought him years ago in San Antonio. Since they get used frequently Paul hung these little hooks under and he can store his coffee pot here too. In the winter I will pull out my hot water thing, but for now it can sit in the cabinet.

I have had our spices on this tiered rack for years, and I loved it, however it just adds clutter to an already small house, so we figured why not use this canning space. We took all our canning supplies, added them to a black dish pan and put them in the pantry off our room. We figure we don't use them all the time so they can be stored and brought out. We donated the spice rack so I am happy about that.

Everything I read in my organizing books talk about a cleared off table every night before you go to bed. So while I let the kids do homework here, my hope is that every night I can make sure it is empty. It seems we have issues with surfaces in our house. Nothing gets put back and soon I have such a chore trying to clean up. We have a ways to go in the dining room/kitchen but progress was made today for sure. I am one exhausted girl too! I even managed to get all our clothes washed and I am pleased to say it is all put away.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Meeting at MWS 6 pm/ AC wiring installed 5:30
Chicken Taco Salad
Bean Burrito Jakob

Waffles or Pancakes

Younger Kids Church 5-6:30/ Historical Society Meeting 5:30


Hot Dogs/Chili Dogs

Tuna Helper

On Your Own

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We are very thankful to be home. 
Thankful to have had two places to stay while we were evacuated from our home. 
Thankful the kids did well and even the dogs for the most part. 
Thankful that slowly but surely life is returning to normal again. 
Thankful to the unclaimed property check which put tires on the truck this week- that was an adventure to say the least. 
Thankful to friends that were very helpful as I almost melted down from the stress of the whole matter. 
Thankful that we are back to working on the house. 
We got the bathroom done- minus a couple things that we need money for, this weekend we will tackle Mekenzei's room- the ceiling. 
We learned that old school house tile ceilings don't work well in fires- boy does the smoke dust just come on in, so we are going to do a wood flooring style ceiling- Sure sounds difficult. 
I am praying the Lord helps us get it done this weekend.
I am very thankful for all your prayers. 
We are truly Blessed to have such a Gracious Lord.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WordFilled Wednesday

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
Words: Thom­as Ken, 1674. These lyr­ics, sung as the Dox­ol­o­gy in many church­es, are ac­tu­al­ly the last verse of a long­er hymn, Awake, My Soul, and with the Sun.

This is what comes to mind today. I am thinking of the fires and how lives could have been lost, more homes could have been destroyed etc. There were many that now have to start all over, my heart really goes out to them. For us our home is still standing. It will take a while to get it all cleaned and we did loose fridge and freezer food but overall we really are okay. The kids were amazing, they handled things so well. I did not even worry much about the house because I knew that if the Lord taketh away then He would also provide again. Please continue to pray for our state, and our nation and the world as we continue to face so many obstacles, financial, health, martial etc. We have much to be thankful for.

Tackle it Tuesday

Well its not Tuesday either but I did do this yesterday along with wiping down walls, cleaning the fridge and freezer etc. I am happy to say the Bathroom got an overhaul. I will talk about this more later but we learned that if items are in containers you can grab more when being evacuated.
So here is what we came up with... note we are creating a bucket for towels, toothbrushes, blow up mattresses and small pillows I will make so that in the future we have those and do not have to buy them. That sure was rough.
 Everything used to just be on the shelves in the closet, no one ever put anything back correctly and it was always an issue or re-oganizing. No more- Thanks to Walmart and these nice shoe size buckets for $1 its all in containers. I even found a couple black dishpans that will hold all our homemade soap from my friend Rita and the other hair supplies like blow dryers and curling irons. I am very happy that Kenzei helped me go through everything. Also made the job of cartons covered in soot not an issue.
 We have a leak under our sink and well we just can't seem to get it fixed right- it creates mold right there too, so these dishpans will be great for keeping things dry and also easy to pull out so that every few days I can clean the shelf liner.
 We had to purchase TOWELS while we were out of our home. I had some of the white ones before so now I think I have 10 of all the same towel. I am very excited. I love these because they are easy to bleach and now my old ones can be rags outside or for cleaning projects. I Love my nice clean bathroom, which is organized and easy to maintain. I am praying this new system will work for us. I am hoping that birthday money will buy me a light fixture for above the mirror- will update in a month and let you know.

Menu Plan Monday

So this is not Monday but we are just back in our house last night. Fridge and Freezer and cleaned out and I have planned enough meals to get us through Friday night. I am looking forward to a more normal week next Monday.
(kids- new bible study younger two)
Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
For more menu planning ideas please see