Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankfulness Day Nine

I love surprises! I like them even better when they are THINKING OF YOU surprises. I got one of those today. I was packing my lunch for subbing today and saw a bag in the fridge. I thought hmm, I wonder what that is. Inside I saw two 20 oz bottles of coke. Now that may seem silly to be thankful over, but that meant my husband, who worked a side job after his regular one last night and the night before, stopped on his way home and picked me up those two cokes. He did this after listening to me explain how the school I am working at this week does not offer faculty tea like other schools and they do not have a coke/water machine like others either. I went all day Tue with nothing because I forgot my water on my kitchen table. This class I have this week is very talkative and argumentative. Caffeine is a great solution! Wow what a considerate thing. It really made my morning!
I am also so thankful to my co teacher today. She ran off two pages of science for me so I would have extra work for the class to do. It really helped to have extra busy work to keep the talking down. Today was much better.
I am lastly thankful for the quilt order that I saw this morning on ETSY. Even though I know it is a little stressful to manage subbing and teaching I know its all going to be okay. The Lord never puts more on our plate then we can handle. Therefore I am excited that as I continue to try and teach (sub) full time more orders are still coming in. I am thankful that when I got home from teaching today the kids were pitching in by doing their small list of chores too. Last week we struggled with that, but I think they realize more this week that I truly am not home and they can do the one small thing I ask and it makes a HUGE difference!


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