Monday, July 19, 2010

Sharon K Nelson Unger

My mother was born on Sept 16 1957 she passed away Saturday July 17, 2010..just shy of her 53rd birthday..She leaves behind her mother, sister and brother, loving husband, 2 daughters, a son and 8 grandchildren.
If there was one thing I could say about her is that she was a woman of great faith. She like me strived to be a Proverbs 31 woman. She like me did not always rise to the task but she always kept moving forward. She tried very hard to Rejoice in the Lord no matter the obstacle ahead of her.. Often times that obstacle was her health, but it also included us kids and the choices in life we were making.
She was born in Ogden, Utah. She had me at the age of 17 and boy was that a struggle since I came just a little too early. She said I always was trying to move to quickly through life..which is probably true. I would then be followed by my sister Tiffiny and my brother Lee. We all grew up in California in a little house that we loved and made our home. She tried nursing when I was little. Soon after she became a registered nurse she got ill and we nearly lost her. She would battle most of her life with an immune problem in her blood. She would do many things with us kids like girl scouts, help us in school, band, choir whatever our hearts desired.
She would walk away from her faith for a brief period of time. She returned fully to Christ at the end of my 6th grade year after attending a Christmas program and seeing that the church I was attending was not anywhere close to what she believed as a Christian.
We began attending a Lutheran Church ran by Pastor Timothy Dost and his wife Nannette. There she served on the board for Sunday School, became the church secretary and even helped with the daycare that they would eventually have. She continued to be very supportive of my scouting helping me to earn my Silver Award and then also helping me to become confirmed.
I admit life was not always easy in the teen years but she always reminded me of my faith. How important that was no matter what I was going through. She once again became ill, this time with blood clots in her legs, I am thankful to say that the Lord was not ready for her..
We would move on to another Lutheran church and once again she participated in any aspect that she could. She would see us all off from High School and into the world over the next few years.
Her duty as wife would become difficult just after the birth of my first child when she had to surrender her whole being to my dad's side as he fought his battle with Leukemia. It was a tough fight but the Lord once again was not ready for either of them and he would go into remission.
They moved from their home to the mountains in Running Springs, California.This was a wonderful thing as a few years later while working in a secretary position for the county in the sheriffs department she would wake up one morning and fall down the stairs in their home. She injured her back. When going to the doctor they would find that she had disk degenerative disease as well as rheumatoid arthritis..later that would turn into many things such as fibromyalgia and diabetes. She battled her illnesses and continued to persevere even though most days she was in constant pain and discomfort. Her faith was something she continued to hold on to.
I know she continued to pray for healing over her body as did many of us for her. She would help me through the death of my mother in law Joyce. I had cared for her fully and was there in the final hours and that duty was more than my body could take emotionally, spiritually and physically. I would find myself returning home and leaving my marriage and family. I am thankful for her constant patience with me as I read the bible from cover to cover, prayed and healed. We took a vacation to Santa Barbara so that it would help me heal. I would find myself back to who I was and recharged so that come a few months later I was able to return to my job as wife and mother to my family. I will be ever grateful to both of my parents for this. My dad for allowing me to talk through my emotions and my mom for her constant support with the word of God..I know how much she prayed for me during this time, as I did for her the last couple of years.
I am blessed to have had a good example of a strong christian woman. She fought depression with a mighty blade. She enjoyed music and writing poetry. She came to be very secluded to her home and last summer I introduced her to facebook. This allowed for her to connect with the world she could no longer go out into. It allowed for her to get support from other fellow Christian's that were also online. She enjoyed playing many games on the site and we were able to connect nearly every day. The last year of my moms life was a tough one. She was tired of being sick and emotionally and physically drained. She gave of herself to others always trying to encourage them in their times of needs. Most of all she prayed for all.
I am grateful to the Lord for our last week together. I was moved to make a beautiful bag for her that she never got to hold. In talking with my dad I have come to know how special that was for her, she showed him the pictures I posted in aw of beautiful work. I know those are images she was able to have in her final hours.
We were not able to be together in her last hours since I live so far away but I am thankful for cell phones. She was strong enough just a few days prior to passing to have an hour conversation with me. We talked about so many things and both got closure on a great deal. I was praying that if the Lord felt it was her time that she go quickly. I know that she was ready. Ready to be rid of this body that held her in the merk and mire of life. She was ready to be with her Lord and Savior, to enjoy the health and beauty of his kingdom.
I praise the lord for the strength he fully gave me to be able to let her go over the phone. I know that she needed that release. I am thankful for her example of that with the death of my mother in law because I may not have realized the importance of that step otherwise. She will be deeply missed but I am ever so grateful to the Lord for taking her early since it was not his decision to fully heal her on this earth. I hope from this moment forth I can continue to be the Proverbs 31 woman that she helped me to become. That I can continue with my quilting business and know how proud of me that she was in her final days. She was a constant support this past year as I went in with all my might into my business so that I could stay home with my children and do the Lord's Will. I thank the Lord for the gifts and talents he has given me as I finish creating a masterpiece that my mom will be proud to be buried with.
May she forever rest in Peace..and Rejoice in His Holy Name..


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your mother.

    My husband has a blood clotting problem as well as diabetes. I can only imagine your mom's constant struggles as she battled even more than these illnesses.

    And yes, she was SO proud of you. She was a light on Facebook.

  2. I didnt know your mom personally but I knew she was a woman of God and she supported me from afar. She was a special person and she is missed.

    chelsee <3


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