Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday and Thankfulness Day Ten

I am so thankful for this month. I started picking up sub jobs on November 2nd. I have either worked half or full days every day since then. I am very grateful that the Lord continues to provide us with these extra jobs. I am not complaining at all that Monday was only a half day. It allowed me to work the morning on a quilt order. Last night after work- since it was early release I got a little more done on it. I should be able to finish up the quilt this weekend and start on the next queen order.
Today I confirmed an order with our local Elementary school. I am so thankful that they are allowing me to do their 40th Birthday Quilt of the school. I am praying people come forward with some shirts so that I can add them to the quilt.
We have had such a great week. Finances are slowly turning around. We have a long way to go but I am praying every day that things continue to improve.
I am so thankful my children have really pitched in to help their now FULL TIME working mama. It takes all of us to really make this work.
Lastly today, I am so thankful my husband got home on time today. It is so nice that he is already home and it will be a nice quiet evening. (Minus Kenzei making fun of the dog and the two of them being out of control.)


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