Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Eats

This summer we had such a successful garden, minus our squash. I am not sure what really happened with those. They just seemed to always start in the middle of so much rain we were having. Now peppers we did really well with.
We had so many pounds we were giving them away, then we got smart and found time to can some of it. We made jalapeno peppers that were candied, pickled and even dehydrated some too. 
We made a version of our own with some banana and jalapenos because it will be great with meat and beans. The jalapenos were very hot this year, while the banana peppers were mild. It will be a perfect combination. 
This is my favorite recipe  for candied jalapenos. We pour it over cream cheese and eat with fritos or wheat thins. I love to add it to my cornbread too. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Let's Get Crafty

I love Pinterest Ideas
Sometimes I have good intentions and not enough time.
Sometimes I try something new because a customer requests something special
That is the case with these pillows. My customer wanted to save a robe that her mom had worn. I used some of it in her memory quilt, which I had been doing a while, however I hadn't made many pillows that involved an envelope type back as well as clothing on the front. 
I think they turned out beautifully. I do want to purchase a pinking shear rotary blade as I think it might make it a little easier for edges not to fray on the inside. That would have been a great Pinterest tip.

Monday, August 1, 2016

My Favorite Thing

Deciding on a favorite item was very difficult, it really depends on if I am cooking, cleaning, helping with kids, doing something for myself or quilting. Since I seem to really quilt a lot  these days I chose a quilting item. 

Fiskars Donna Dewberry Collection Easy-To-Read Ruler

I truly cannot live without this ruler while quilting. In fact I probably buy two or more a year because I use them so much I wear the painted markings right off of them. I love this ruler. It is truly perfect for all the Tshirt and Memory quilts I make. I love using it in combination with my rotary cutter and self healing mat. It makes life so much easier. I have made over 300 quilts in the last 8 years and I can tell you I used one of these rulers on every single one. 
Feel free to browse my shop and check out some of my items.