Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankfulness Day Six

I found myself ever so thankful of Menu Planning this week. It really helped me keep on schedule and have food ready to go during a tough schedule. As I planned this weeks Menu on Friday night- and went shopping. I found myself very thankful for a crockpot and a sale on Chicken Fryers.

Paul put on the first chicken fryer in my biggest crockpot at 7:30 by noon it was ready to deskin and debone. I then shredded it some and placed half in my bigger crockpot and half in a smaller one, then I divided the wonderful broth. That way I could make a Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken Soup out of one Fryer. It really helped that $5 meat item spread out over three days.

We were supposed to have Waffles for dinner last night but we had some pot pie. It smelled goods and the younger two were very interested in eating it. Jakob decided to eat chips and salsa. He would not even try the soup or pot pie. I am super thankful my younger two are becoming a little less picky because they loved it. In fact we are still having it tonight. I had so much mixture still left that Paul took some to work and then we will take some biscuits and put it on top in the oven for tonight.

I love home made meals because you know exactly what is in them. I also love being able to stretch something out so that I can really watch how much we are spending. Crockpots really are great, they help me be able to work on other things while the food is cooking away. So today if you didn't guess it I am thankful for Menu Planning, Chicken Fryers and Crockpots.


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