Friday, September 23, 2011

The Shunning Movie Review

I watched a movie that is based on the book by Beverly Lewis called The Shunning. It was originally written in 1997. I can remember after having Mekenzei, which was in 1999, my mom told me about this book. At the time I was not much for reading, I was going through some major postpartum depression. She would then give me a copy of the book twice, once just a year before her death. I will be honest in that I NEVER read the book. I understood the subject matter and I just wasn't ready for it.
Tonight when I saw the movie at Redbox something spoke to my heart. I understand so much more why she continued to tell me of this book, and also why she gave me not one but two copies. I understand why I packed up a copy of the book when I was helping my dad clean up her things, after her passing. She was trying to speak to my heart.
The last week of her life we talked about her first husband, my biological dad. The situation surrounding their divorce, her remarriage, my adoption. She apologized for some things and so did I. I think tonight crying through this movie I could feel her presence and really grasp so much more about the situation as an adult, with my own children growing up so quickly. I am thankful the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart tonight. I am thankful that she continued to try to speak to mine, even though I was a little slow to listen. I am super thankful for that conversation we had so that I could get the healing I felt tonight.
May the Lord bless your relationships no matter how complicated they sometimes are.
 It was a great movie I highly recommend it.

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