Friday, September 23, 2011

What I am Learning Friday

I am learning even when you plan things do go wrong. The example this week was Wed night. I had a meeting. I talked with Paul a couple of times over the phone to make sure he knew to pick the kids up. My said meeting started at 5:30 so I could pick up Kenzei's friend, and then drop them off. Well I was not done with my meeting until 7:30. I get a text from hubby that says, You got the kids right? hmmm, nope..
I will be honest that since I had not heard from him and then i got this text an hour later than they were supposed to be picked up I really did think he was pulling my leg. I was disappointed to find out he wasn't.
See so I had a plan and he had a plan but we did not communicate well. He came home worked on my kitchen and forgot all about the plan that he would pick them up, he remembered the plan that after he picked them up and brought them home he would probably get a call that my meeting ran over to the diner in which case I would then call him and he could meet me in town for dinner.. Well see he remembered the dinner not the kids, at which he was waiting for me to call him.
At the time it was not a funny story in my mind. I was very upset. So then I realize I did not appreciate fully the shelves he built me right away either. I had to learn a hard lesson that I need to be more clear so I make sure he knows what I expect.
What I am also learning is that if I truly stick to clearing my kitchen table every night and every morning nights like the above happen frequently during the week, instead of below in this picture, which makes me laugh. Would you know it is the only time that I got a picture of Kenzei and her cast..bummer but glad I got at least this one.
So this weeks lesson, stay organized and clean- and be precise with my needs and expectations.

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