Friday, September 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday and 31 Days to Clean

Much to Be thankful for, still not quite my traditional writing for Thankful Thursday..
Very unorganized and in need of two shelves, one a false shelf to get the pans off the water line, the other to sort the lids out from the pans to help things be more organized- THIS IS MY DESIRE...

 Well my post is a day late. I have been so tired the last couple of days. I am not sure if my thyroid meds are not working well or if I just worked to hard Monday and Tuesday, regardless I am exhausted.
I have much to be thankful for this week. The pictures will have an explanation at the end of this post. I promise. They are before and after- just to give you a clue.

A customer turned friend ordered two more pillowcases from me. She is in the progress of ordering a quilt. She already worked with me to select her fabrics and I ordered them yesterday.
Someone new found my ETSY page and they are interested in a Queen size quilt. I found the perfect jean material that is not jean just cotton and that order will come in a couple weeks when she is back from vacation.

This one I just wanted a shelf to store my saute pan on one shelf and my spaghetti type pan on the other, but I wanted to still be able to store my cutting boards here too, because that is the only place they fit in the kitchen.. My Second Desire..

I am thankful for Facebook and ETSY but I am still trying to figure out how to get more viewers/followers on my business page for Sunshine of Autumn Quilts on Facebook... If you send people to my page I am hosting a giveaway. Come December I will do a giveaway for a free Tshirt Quilt- 12 shirts, so share share share...

Yeah I have a shelf. I love LITTLE THINGS, they speak volumes to my heart.
The best thing of the week is that the house is coming along nicely with my 31 Days to Clean, I have worked  out two days thanks to my Inspired to Action plan, I didn't start that until Tue, so its really not too bad. I walked 4 miles total this week. Then my husband, even though he forgot to get the kids Wed night and they sat at bible study for an hour after it was over, waiting for someone to come get them, which ended up being me after my meeting- he put in the two shelves I have been wanting for 4 years of living in this house!
I will tell you I am a person of small things- I love the little stuff and this just made my week. I have to get some stain in oak color so that I can stain the wood but for now it is functional. It will really help me out. Now I still need the shelf between the stove and dishwasher done, and then two on the wall so I am praying for this weekend...:-)
Here I have two shelves. When I first saw the bottom piece I thought he stuck several pieces of wood on the bottom, nope it is just a side piece with a shelf on top. I love it. It really helps the kids know where things go and we can officially retire the entertainment center in the dining room from holding dishes. That sure will help some household clutter!

This is what it kind of looked before, although it was full of dishes, I had already begun moving things when I snapped this picture this week. I love that this whole wall will be empty once we move this unit into our bedroom this weekend!

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  1. I hate trying to fit pans in little cupboards. Mine are a bit of a mess. You did a good job!


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