Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Cleaning- Kenzei's ROOM

Okay so I posted on Tumblr but then realized not everyone follows me there so I am reposting, hopefully my copy past technique works. Here is our Saturday...

Kenzei’s room has been a thorn in my flesh. We just have been working on it so LONG!!! The floors were a huge project. She got moved back in a few months ago but it has been in disarray ever since. Then we started working on the desk and the fires happened in the area so that got put on hold.
That whole ordeal made us think of how important containers are. So that is what we worked on. All clothing articles are now in containers. It took 4 under the bed containers and then 4-5 shoe box type to make it all work and for it to be organized. It also meant cutting clothing and stuff down by 3 full trash bags. YEAH ME!!! I love less stuff.
I like that her friend Zoei came over that helped a lot. I did sit in there and help out with the whole process. I also gave up my laundry shelf above the washer and dryer so she had a place to store misc stuff. I love it. I can’t wait till Paul builds her a vanity. The tv has to move down the wall, shelving still needs to be done, a ceiling needs to be installed and some minor boards need replacing but otherwise it is looking good.
Her friend pointed out this morning that the peace sign in her curtains- well its upside down! UGH!!! Good thing I did not make the second one yet and they are not lined, so lucky me gets to undo the top and bottom piece and re attach it correctly. FUN FUN. I hate unstitching more than anything else when it comes to sewing.
On greater news the kitchen is about half way done. I can’t show before pictures but I will show some half way ones and the finished project this week.

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