Friday, September 23, 2011

31 Days to Clean Housewive Style

When I think of a housewive I strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I think of the television housewives we all grew up with I think of June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson, Carol Brady, Claire Huxtable, Mrs. Cunningham and Lucy Ricardo. I love trying to be June Cleaver but honestly I am more a Lucy Ricardo. If it can go wrong it will. That is probably why it is one of my favorite shows of all time, I Love Lucy.
I have been working through 31 Days to Clean- Having a Martha House the Mary Way for a while now. It got interrupted by the fires we had but I am still trying to get through it. I just might finish a week late.
I had written a great mission statement,
I strive to be a Proverbs 31 wife and mother 
by having a home that is clean, 
organized and simplified. 
This will allow me to provide 
my family and friends 
with a dwelling that will
radiate warmth, love and comfort 
while we fellowship with one another. 
It will also allow us to live simply 
so that we lead less stressful 
and compete lives.

I had one of the kids, Jakob, ask this week as he did homework and saw my mission statement on the board above the computer- did you find this in the Bible. I just had to grin and then said, no, but I prayed about it and that is what came from my heart through the Holy Spirit. It is what I ask of God to help me with.

This week has had its ups and downs. I don't feel like I am as ahead as I would have liked to have been. I do keep pressing forward though. The bathroom has remained clean for two weeks. Every morning and night I touch it up. Mekenzeis room has stayed fairly clean minus laundry from other rooms that pile there as I deep clean the house, it has been that way since Saturday. Jakob's room is still a work in progress. The Kitchen is also a work in progress, we have a few drawers to go through still, and also two corner cabinets.

I am hoping this weekend we can get it completely done. I have been trying to tackle our room since Wednesday. I will admit very little progress has been made. I feel very overwhelmed when I even think about it. So I decided to take a look back at my two weeks and see how far I have come, hence this Blog post, and then work for the next hour and just DO SOMETHING. I am very thankful for the inspiring words in the 31 Days to Clean, and I plan to keep at it.. For more information and a discount: 
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  1. I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed just thinking about taking on something! That's probably one of my biggest struggles when it comes to caring for our home. Stopping by from the link up over at Homemaker's Challenge. I love the layout of your blog!


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