Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We are very thankful to be home. 
Thankful to have had two places to stay while we were evacuated from our home. 
Thankful the kids did well and even the dogs for the most part. 
Thankful that slowly but surely life is returning to normal again. 
Thankful to the unclaimed property check which put tires on the truck this week- that was an adventure to say the least. 
Thankful to friends that were very helpful as I almost melted down from the stress of the whole matter. 
Thankful that we are back to working on the house. 
We got the bathroom done- minus a couple things that we need money for, this weekend we will tackle Mekenzei's room- the ceiling. 
We learned that old school house tile ceilings don't work well in fires- boy does the smoke dust just come on in, so we are going to do a wood flooring style ceiling- Sure sounds difficult. 
I am praying the Lord helps us get it done this weekend.
I am very thankful for all your prayers. 
We are truly Blessed to have such a Gracious Lord.

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