Monday, September 19, 2011

Proverbs 31 Wife and Mother PT2

 Today's Tackle was the kitchen/dining room its the second day working on it.
 I wanted to empty this unit that has held dishes for 3 years in our house and put it in our bedroom. One to relieve clutter in the kitchen/dining room and two to organize some stuff in my bedroom. I didn't want to get rid of it because it is the first piece of furniture my husband ever purchased for me. He got it right before Mekenzei was born since my parents were coming out. So it means a lot to me.
 We had worked on the lower cabinets Sunday until it got to much with all the power out. This is how the kitchen was left. It was so overwhelming but I kept plugging away at it.
The unit is now ready to be moved. The ac will go in the window after the electrical gets installed.

Got everything put away, everything has a home. The two corner cabinets on the top hold food. I do still need to go through those and figure out how to better use the space. I really dislike them altogether.

 I love this little area, it used to house rubbermaid/ plastic stuff and odds and ends. I got rid of two boxes of odds and ends and now it holds things we use all the time. I am very excited.
I have plans for Paul to add a shelf down the middle- in the end I want to store cookie sheets and cutting boards here, and move the big pans to the other cabinet.

Thankful for my $2 black dish pans, they will help organize this space better.

Another Zone where I have to wait for Paul to put a shelf in, this one will give me space on bottom and top, also a false shelf so that the water line is not damaged.

This is my favorite. The day the fires broke out I found these cute little mugs for $1 each. I was very excited. They did not have five different ones like I wished they had, but they had a set of three that were alike then two that were different, so the kids each have a designated mug and Paul and I now do too. He also has this huge Texas mug I bought him years ago in San Antonio. Since they get used frequently Paul hung these little hooks under and he can store his coffee pot here too. In the winter I will pull out my hot water thing, but for now it can sit in the cabinet.

I have had our spices on this tiered rack for years, and I loved it, however it just adds clutter to an already small house, so we figured why not use this canning space. We took all our canning supplies, added them to a black dish pan and put them in the pantry off our room. We figure we don't use them all the time so they can be stored and brought out. We donated the spice rack so I am happy about that.

Everything I read in my organizing books talk about a cleared off table every night before you go to bed. So while I let the kids do homework here, my hope is that every night I can make sure it is empty. It seems we have issues with surfaces in our house. Nothing gets put back and soon I have such a chore trying to clean up. We have a ways to go in the dining room/kitchen but progress was made today for sure. I am one exhausted girl too! I even managed to get all our clothes washed and I am pleased to say it is all put away.

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  1. Gosh you are working your behind off! It looks great! I need to follow that tip about cleaning the table off every night. I have gotten really slack on that.


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