Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dating Our Husbands Challenge

I cam across this great challenge about dating our husband's on Becoming a Strong Woman of God's Blog
I have been doing a couple other challenges all of which will improve our home life and help me to be a better mom and wife, and lets face is a better friend too. The Inspired to Action Challenge has a focus of three areas of your life, one of which is exercise. I found that a great way to incorporate this Challenge- of dating our husbands. We took two 2 mile walks last week. I hope we can figure a way out to incorporate it into our daily lives. We had children pleading to join us but my husband realized this was a great opportunity to have some FREE TIME together. I am thankful. When we first started dating 16 years ago it was through walks. I love that walking is returning to our lives, and what a great way to get fit too.
I didn't want it to just stop there, so this weekend we rented the movie GraceCard. I had heard it was very inspirational. We got the kids settled down, mentioned we were DATING IN, and then watched our movie. I was very thankful there was not one interruption. 
I talk very openly with our children about the fact that we should date even though we are married. That we need that connection time together and how that helps our relationship stay strong for when the storms of life hit. We very much enjoyed the movie. I am looking forward to this coming weekend. I am praying we find tickets to the movie Courageous on Sunday night. I am hearing it is sold out all around the United States. I feel this will be another time to connect and enjoy one another.
Sonya has a great idea... get back to the basics. Take a walk in the park, drive a back road, set up a picnic in your back yard, just take time to connect. You will both be better for it.
I know I am going to personally enjoy this Dating our Husband Challenge


  1. Welcome to the challenge. I am blessed to have you join in. The basics is what we need to get back to to bring our marriages to a new place. It was SO easy when we first got together and then LIFE gets in the way and we feel like we can put our marriages to the back burner. Together we can get our marriages back to basics!! Blessings to you and nice to meet you. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Do you have a facebook page? Please connect there with me if you do.. Hugs


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