Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We have much to be thankful for this week. I started subbing on Monday. I came home from work on Monday to see a job at the same school for full day on Tuesday as well. Paul was able to login and find me a couple more sub jobs on Tue, so I was able to work on Wed morning and then today full day teaching 5th grade. I admit Jr High was a little rough. I guess I don't care for talking in the classroom. So it was quite different.
This week we had someone call our agent who is selling the land we have and ask some questions about it, they also wanted to see it, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
Paul was able to work for his brother in law so we got some extra money this week. That is a huge blessing because we have three bills we could not pay yet and I don't get my first subbing check until the end of the month. I took orders for three pillowcases last week as well as a Baby Genius Quilt. I also got paid for the Elephant Pink Quilt I just finished- that gets mailed tomorrow. It has been a good week.
I got set back a little emotionally as I went to call my mom yesterday to tell her about the land. Had to take 30 minutes or so to regroup. This morning I feel a little worse as I had this horrible dream. I dreamt that we were in this place, my mom and I. That there were some church people there with us. Funny cause they don't even go to my church. I dreamt there was a huge storm and for some reason I went outside. I rushed back in and some of my friends and the pastor of the youth ministry were not letting me back to where she was. I could see this leaf blanket I have on my bed on the ground covering something. I rushed through the barricade because my dad was already gone and I could not stand to have her gone too. I remember pulling the blanket back and just staring down at her. I woke up breathing so hard and rushing in tears. Of course then Jakob woke me up. Our alarm did not go off this morning and the kids were already heading out for the bus.. So very interesting yet upsetting morning. I did not realize how much I still missed her. I took great comfort in the idea that I know the Lord does not put these dreams in our minds, that it is Satan trying to undermind all the blessings and glory of the week, even though the pain is just as real.
So as I close on Thankful Thursday, I ask you to pray for those that are going through trials, whether they be marriage, financial, job insecurity, or sickness. I also ask specific prayer for my friends family as their grandmother passes on this week. They spent all day with her yesterday. It is not an easy time for them.
May He watch over all of us as we approach the new week and Thank Him for all he Blesses us with daily.

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