Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am a little late this week. I have had a horrible cold all week and spent most of the last three days in bed. I feel good enough to get a post up real quick, then I am probably headed back to that old bed to rest some more. I am so thankful to not have a regular job. I was able to call off Friday's sub job since I am not feeling well, I guess that would have better been worded as today's job. I can't seem to beat this cold I have. I thought it was strep throat at first. I admit my throat is starting to feel better but my sinus's are not.
Today I am thankful for the warmer weather, I know we have a cold front rolling in soon enough. I am thankful for a Tshirt Quilt order that finally came through. I am anxious to see the shirts and pick the fabrics. I am thankful for a Christmas Quilt order, than a manly quilt order also. I am stuck on the Christmas Quilt. I started it Tue morning, then went to work, to find that I pushed way to hard not feeling well and I have now been down three days because of it. A little stupid on my part I suppose. I need 2 1/2 yards of a white fabric with print to finish it, so it will remain on my table until I can manage to go out.
I am so thankful this week for my husband. After pulling a full days work and then going hunting he has come home to pitch in with some cooking- since Jakobs homework was heavier towards the end of the week. He made comfort foods like grilled cheese and french toast. Both easy on the throat and tummy. Thankfully the kids homework schedule was not too bad this week and Jakob helped me move a table into our room so that they could all just sit in here while I laid in bed.
I am thankful for the downtime despite how much time it will take to get caught back up. I am also very thankful to a friend who Posted my Tshirt Quilts on her blog to help me get some Christmas business going. I am waiting for the Lord's direction in the matter to see if he wants to add more to my plate. It is wonderful to have someone believe in my work and my desire to share a blessing in other's lives.

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