Sunday, November 21, 2010

Making Sausage

Last year Paul and Mekenzei took a deer, this year he got one when he went hunting by himself. The kids and I spent time cleaning the den, throwing stuff away, going through clothes etc to declutter. While we did that Paul worked at taking meat off bones. Once he was done I helped him grind it with 2 pork butts and some lard. We then packed it into the sausage maker machine thing. I cranked as Paul helped it slide through the casings. You do about 5 lbs at a time, so now I am waiting for the smoker to be heated up so he can throw the first batch on and we can finish making the rest. I think we will get about 30 lbs of it. It is great in some soup. I use chicken broth- 6 cans, about 10 or so potatoes, one stalk of kale and one lb of cut up sausage- I slice in half then in chunks, I also throw in half of a large onion. The kale you add towards the end- like the last 15 minutes. It is very yummy.

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