Friday, November 5, 2010

What Am I Learning?

I have not done so good with blogging lately. I think mainly because I have been spending more time off the computer and in the Lord's Word. I have been reading two different books- one Called Love at Last Sight by Pastor Kerry Shook and his wife Chris. I love this book. I full heartedly support it. I feel it is already making such a HUGE difference in my life. If you have not read it yet plan to it is worth the month! I hope to save some money to give it as gifts this year.
Then I started a book called Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick. It is also very good. I think it makes me think about the impossible of do I understand that lately. Which goes along with today's topic of What Am I Learning?
I am learning that it takes a daily practice of FAITH to Substitute teach. On many levels.
*One on getting a job posting. They sure go fast! I admit that my husband has had to help me some this past week. He has been wonderful about it. While I am subbing I do not have access to the internet, so he will check the job site and see if there are jobs that I might want. We have talked a great deal over what jobs I like and don't like. For instance I am not much for doing High School at this point. Jr. High only appeals to me if it is half day but Elementary seems to be an easy fit for me right now. I think because they are still at the age where I feel I have control of the classroom. 
**Two well this is odd maybe but I do not like new places, new things, new is very hard for me. I am not a people person. By nature I am very quiet and introverted. I like consistency. Subbing goes against all of this. I have to go to new schools almost every time- esp because I have yet to be in a great deal of these schools. I have to meet new faculty, new children... the list goes on. I know my anxiety level is through the roof as I try to locate the restroom for adults, teachers lounge etc. To be perfectly honest not all schools have the nicest staff either. So sometimes i find myself very frustrated.
***Trusting that the day will go well and I will be called back is hard too. I always try to do the best job that I can. It is hard to have faith in teaching when you don't always know the rules too. Every school has different opinions on things so I would say I am uptight about making sure I make a good first impression.
Overall it has been a very good week. I get up and do my devotion, and my prayer. Putting God first. I find my nerves are a little calmer if I remember this one very important step. Taking a lunch has been challenging all week- so we will have to work on that. Getting out the door with the kids and Paul is also crazy with just one bathroom so again some more adjustments as we go into next week.
I think the most important thing I learned this week is that even though I can find sub jobs-  like one for this afternoon- I still need to remember it is alternate pay and that I need to put the kids first.
They had awards today and Satan tempted me with two job offerings for the afternoon- It was very hard to turn them down because I know how much we really need every penny right now. However, I remembered what I had read this week. That I needed to put my full attention on those that mattered the most in my life. I have to trust that the Lord will continue to Bless us with subbing jobs. That I needed to be at awards today to support my children..
Often it is so easy to get caught up in the money game. I am thankful for open eyes and an open heart and that I have such a wonderful family that is making adjustments as I head back into the workforce. I am so thankful to our heavenly father that he is providing us with this extra income and still helping me with the quilting business too.

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