Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I tackled a lot. First was my fear of new places and uncomfortable situations. I had to go to a tire and lube place to get an oil change and a tire fixed. I had never been there before so it made me very uncomfortable. Needless to say I took my devotional and Paul's small carry bible and sat in the waiting area until they were done. It wasn't too bad. I did think my heart would come out of my chest, but as I did my bible study my spirit calmed. I did find that the tire lining was ruined but thankfully they did prorate the tires so it was not as bad, still $83 though.
Then I hit Kroger, got some more tuna packets for the kids lunches, some more free milk by buying the Kellogg's 4 for $10- with coupons and then also got 4 things of blistex for free, 6 things of green giant veggies for free and some cookies- Oreo I might add for free off my free milk purchase, pretty nice. On the way in I found a $10 Catalina someone threw on the ground for Walgreen's, so I can use that with the $2 one I already had. I just need to find a great deal to spend the $12 on.
I also got paid for a set of Potholders I figured I was doing for free, that was a nice surprise. Made up for some of the free stuff I am donating for a Baking Basket for a grade that neither of my children are even in. The towels above are for that basket and that is the last of my tackle it Tuesday, which somewhere between oil/tires and groceries I ran home, unloaded the food, ran out the door hit McD's for a hamburger and coke, then to a PTO meeting, then home to help with homework and to do the towels. Hoping to still get dinner made, more homework done and a set of potholders before the night is through. Then just maybe some sleep :-)

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