Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

I am still under the weather. I am also a tad depressed, tad being a lightly taken word, it is probably much bigger than that really. I have this rash that won't go away. It started as Hives I thought from stress, gradually I think it is environmental or food related. Its the strangest thing. i get it a couple times a year and it is so similar to poison ivy. Just a pain really. The benadryl wipes me out. Then on top of that I have headaches that are non stop. So yesterday and today I have rested. I did go to Krogers Monday and then to Walgreens today, but outside of some wash, cleaning the bathroom and dishes, no real tackles.
Today's tackle was a big deal to me. I have yet to do really good at Walgreens. Today I want to say I finally figured the coupon part out. Above is what I got. 4 packs of razors, 2 st ives scrub, one thing of noxema- I could not find my second coupon- bummer, a thing of peeps that was mismarked- I was so rushed I didn't catch it, and gum.
Their breakdown
I paid $14.01
Wag Coupon- my RR $3
WAG advertised savings 6.41
MFG Coupons 32.08
total savings 41.85. Pretty awesome.
I will admit most people probably used the $4 coupons on Shick to buy the 12 pack bag, but my husband didn't care for those last time I did that. My oldest is only 14 and just started shaving so he doesn't mind. Therefore I paid 99 cents each for the 4 pack. I felt good about that. Why all the gum- well one Easter is around the corner, we have two acres and I love Easter Egg Hunts. We do them a little different around here, we fill the eggs with coupons to redeem items. I have been watching coupons on candy and gum for a while so I am just about ready. I do wish I could get a couple games but so far not much luck on that one. So this year we may not have any big prizes, it may just be candy and gum, but it will be fun all the same.
So for me it may not have been housework this time, but after all the work last week, a Walgreens trip was a really good deal

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