Monday, March 22, 2010

Storage Room and Visitor

Friday I went and picked up Mekenzei's friend to come stay the night. It was nice because we stopped by her Walmart on the way back and I finally found the black rug for Jakob's room. Failed to get picture of this.. oh well. So anyway they went out to play when we got back to our house, as her friend had not seen our new puppies. Then jumped on the trampoline and she didn't feel good- mekenzei that is, so she came in to rest. I put a movie in my room the girls came in and laid on my bed and I painted away at the storage room. It was a warm day so I knew the paint would dry nicely. Jakob made a batch of brownies and then painted the corners to work off some money he owed me.
All in all it looked really nice. You can hardly tell that it was plywood underneath anymore. Its very exciting to see it finally coming together- you have to understand this is a project over a year in the making.
Sunday we spent the day putting up one wall of shelves. We cant do the very top shelf because we are out of funds. Can't do the other walls right now either, but hey that is okay, eventually...
Paul had a pretty good idea I think. He took some wood, cut it down and nailed to the walls, then took two pieces and laid them next to each other and screwed them in. He did make a brace for the middle of the whole thing and then braced that to the underneath of each shelf on either side. He says I have to paint them though. BUMMER! I was ready to start loading them down. The wood is still damp so I am thinking later this week. I have another painting project as I spent $20 and got a gallon of Chocolate paint- called Black Tea- go figure. I will do Zekaryah's stairs this week and then also the dresser in our room- which we would have to unload into a container I guess. Not looking forward to that part. All in all a good Spring Break week- we got lots done, and a great weekend, despite the rain.

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