Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jakobs Room Part 2

Jakobs Room Part 2
This is a desk that Joyce, Paul's mom gave us years ago. I had painted it a green color when we lived at her house a few years back. I never did like the color it turned out, it was not even close to the color match I chose.. I knew Jakob would need a desk with his crazy school load that starts this summer, so I figured it would be better served in his room.
First we took all the knobs off, sanded the edges etc and then I used some free paint I got last summer from Glidden. It was a special they were running, you didn't even pay shipping. I had chose this paint for the dresser in my room, but I knew I should use it on this instead. My room can wait.
Zekaryah chose to get this picture of me finishing up.. Great kid he is, not such a flattering photo though. LOL

Next is a chair I had already started to dismantle when I thought uh oh before and after shots. This chair came from my dad, it was something he salvaged from work when I was a kid. I was so happy to have this chair, and I have hung on to it all these years. It has seen better days and really needed a face lift.
I had this cool upholstery fabric that I wanted to use for some throw pillows- well chair pillows works It was a little difficult because there are these crazy metal tabs in four places on the top piece. I think overall it turned out great. Its not professional but I believe it is very functional.
I did want to paint the legs black- but that would mean I would have to spend money and the deal was to do this move from the loft to this bedroom for as little money as we could. So for now it will stay brown- the color it always has been. I know it will be a chore to paint this metal in general.
So for whats left..I need to get a rug- right now I have a scrap piece of material under the chair so that it does not scratch the wood in this room. I have tried to make them be careful because I sanded these floors by hand when we first moved in, but then my grandfather died and I had to leave for Utah. I never did get the rest of the hall or the living room done, so therefore the wood has never been re-stained and sealed. One day...there are so many other pressing items that are needed first. I do still need to sew the fabric around the pillows in his corner chair (in a previous post), find some fabric for curtains and finish piecing the quilt top so I can get that done. For tonight though it was a great finish and he is ever so happy!

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