Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Zekaryah's Room before

This is Jakob's room - the loft.. Just to show how crazy the move really is.
Picture two... I forgot to get pictures of the other side of Zekaryah's it was pretty crazy too. Note they had moved some things before I tackled it today.. it was a family job for sure!
Part One of Zekaryah's NEW ROOM
For now he does not have a dresser. I would love to put some bookcases in this area to store his clothes. He never used dressers before. He doesn't seem to like them. So for now will see how this works. I did find these bins that were storing fabric of mine, and we turned them into toy containers for now- so it was free for the time being.
Here you see that Zek does own some books! LOL I love this bookshelf. I had given it to Jakob when he was in fourth grade- it is when my dad made it for me. Jakob has now passed it on to Zekaryah. He has lots of counter top space that still can be used, so that is really nice. I do still have to paint and take all the wallpaper down, or paint over it. I am still trying to decide.
Carrying this TV thing up was a pain. Our friends Matt and Stef gave it to Zekaryah a year ago- so he was not willing to part with it. He had quite a few wall decor items in the old room so it was nice to see it all come together in this one. We are going to add wood trim along the top which I will paint Navy, then paint the walls a sea green or something. Make it BOAT like..
Here is Mekenzei already enjoying Zekaryah's room. I like the futon couch thing. Jakob always left it flat because he had to sleep diagonally - Z won't have that problem for a little while. I do still need to paint- as that was the agreement for the bribe to trade rooms- Something Jakob really needed. Then I also have some material to hem on all four sides to then staple to the railing- like I did for Jakob before. Since they have different themed rooms I had to take the old down, but no worries it will become pillow covers for a chair in Jakob's current room. Still need to finish Z's quilt too.
Now here is Jakob's NEW Room
Still need to cover the pillows for this chair, thankfully the fabric he had on the railing will work perfectly for that. I have four huge floor pillows to cover, I hope to get at least three of them done. Getting all his books sorted was his job! I did put all his clothes away.
I am so happy with this rug. I made it out of tapestry. I just happened to find a small piece for $2 its about 50 by 70, or thereabouts..It really is nice for his room, plus the previous owners cut the real wood out in a huge area under the rug- in the closet part so it hides the imperfection!
Jakob enjoying his new room- funny cause he started out with this bed- our old one- when we first moved here, but when he switched with Mekenzei the first summer, he lost it. No way I was carrying it up to the loft! The nice thing about the extra dresser is it matches the bed frame and other dresser. My old boss gave us the whole set. Before the mattress had always just sat on the floor. Now this dresser stores a few polo shirts he refuses to wear, but that I wont throw out because they were free and he will need them for something- I guarantee it. Then his video game parts and Lego's he was not willing to let go of. So no clutter. YEAH MOMMY!!!
I still need to find some game type wall stuff, paint the desk that should go next to the bed. Recover the chair my dad gave me from his work years ago- yes mom I still have it. Then finish up his quilt. I want to get a $20 rug from Walmart to throw on the floor too, because I never have sealed the wood so its quite drafty. (if that is a word)

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