Friday, September 2, 2016

Husbands Caring Memory Quilt

A daughter contacted me and she wanted to turn her dad's clothing into two quilts for her mother. Her mom didn't do much with the internet so she made all the arrangements. 
When her mom sent the clothing there had been a misunderstanding she sent Tshirts and dress type shirts but had wanted what I classify as a memory quilt with small blocks from things like sleeves, pockets, pant legs. So the daughter had to have another box of clothing sent.
It worked out okay since I had my sewing machine issues this summer. I then also got another order with all those Tshirts that were sent.
The mother loved both quilts so much she took them to work to show them off. 
There is such beauty in this fabric too just really adds to all the clothing that was selected for both quilts. 

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