Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Variable Quilt with Tshirts

These quilts seem to be a new addition to my store front and a unique experience for me as a quilter. They do cost a little more than the traditional tshirt quilt I create but the customers sure do love the unique look of their quilts. I have creative license in most cases and just piece according to all the t shirts they send so that the blocks are more random.
This customer had some tshirts with some larger designs and then some that were tank tops or maybe just had small graphic designs on the front, so that allowed me to create some units that would go together.
In this quilt the top and bottom are very similar and then the middle section is also the same, so you basically have three units to create the whole quilt.
This customer wanted the same cotton fabric on the front and back and she wanted something very plain. 
This was my first order to Hawaii, I was a little nervous, I have seen some BEAUTIFUL quilts there through photos. The customer wrote to tell me the quilt was Adorable. I love that...

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