Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Zekaryah's Surprise 16th Birthday Party from His Friends

Happy Birthday 16th Zekaryah from your friends!
I had planned a birthday party for Sunday since Paul was only home a couple of days and had to leave out again for work. He had asked for five friends to get together, go to the movies, have chili dogs, chips and cheesecake. When we were talking on Friday I came to realize that he really wanted to go to church camp and I could not afford to do both the deposit of $100 and have a get together/movies out. He needed to make a decision. I was very proud of him for choosing camp over the get together, I know it was a hard choice to make but with the lack of money coming in we truly could not afford both right now.
My husband and I missed the surprise party that his friends moms threw for him. I was at an Acadec volunteer day for our oldest and Paul was working a side job. I really wish Paul had known so he could have stepped away from work for a while. I know its hard on him to miss this birthday for Zekaryah not only is he turning 16 but he has never missed one of his birthday's before. I am however super thankful that his friends did this for him. I know they made it such a special birthday. Tonight at church he was able to give the pastor his $100 for camp, now he just needs to raise $300 more. Mekenzei was only able to give $16 but hopefully God will also meet her needs as well.
I think the best photo is the boys praying. I know I capture these moments all the time with cross country, track and choir but this one was just as special. It means a lot to see he is surrounded with such a wonderful group of young men.

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