Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Graduation Quilts May 2013

This is a son's graduation quilt. He graduates from High School with top honors this month and will attend a local state school. I am hoping he loves his twin size bed quilt.
I used a blue cotton fabric for the border and the same fabric for the binding. The backing is a cotton black scroll print that matches the same print on the front. I love how this quilt turned out. It is nice and comfy yet lightweight.
This is a daughter's graduation quilt. This one made me a little homesick for my dad. I remember going to San Diego as a kid a few times. I did a couple of special things for this one. It included an appliqued tank top onto a red Tshirt back, the tank was thin and very small. Then it included an initial block on the bottom corner. This is a returning customer and she had this same idea put on her daughter's friends quilt last year.
The front is a nice red that is a little darker than the shirts with a scroll print. I used a tiny delicate leaf print in red for the handmade binding and the back is a cotton black scroll print that matches the front. It is also very lightweight and cozy. This one only included 12 shirts which is actually much easier to do for a twin size quilt then the 15.

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