Wednesday, May 15, 2013

11th Grade Awards Night

May 2013- Junior At MWHS and 1st in his Class.. He works very hard to stay there.
Perfect Attendance, All A Honor Roll, Citizenship Award, Outstanding Achievement AP Calculus BC/Dual Credit, Outstanding Achievement ACADEC, Outstanding Achievement Architectural Design, State Qualifier Technical Math. Very proud of how hard he works and how humble he is about it. I wish we had gotten a better picture of this- he was pretty embarrassed.
Mr. Herzog and Jakob- a huge supporter of his. So thankful he has been awesome at helping him select courses to reach his goals.
He may not be popular with the kids at school and he may be considered arrogant or annoying to them but we are his biggest fans and supporters.
Socially High School can be very difficult. Even though he works so hard he continues to get pushed aside when it comes to officer positions in groups. I pray that college will be a better experience for him. Its sad to see him not understood. I am thankful he continues to persevere though. Photobucket

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