Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Amazing Son

I am so grateful for this child. He is an inspiration to me. He works so hard to be at the top of his class. He studies more than any child I have ever known in my life. He truly wants to be involved in school which is difficult since he has trouble relating to other children and is also seen as arrogant or self centered. If people take the time to get to know him they realize how loving and helpful he is. How he has some great ideas and sometimes some not so great ones. How he can be a good friend.
As his mom I am truly thankful for his I can do it attitude. He always is there to help me in all my volunteering obstacles. Yesterday was one of those. He was the only child home and didn't want me sitting on the stroll waiting for possible 8th graders to come up and purchase shirts. He tagged along. He sat and did Physics Homework due in a little over a week. The best thing he didn't complain about how boring it was, or how we weren't really getting many orders.
This morning he was upset because I got up earlier than he expected and couldn't surprise me with breakfast in bed. He looks at me with admiration for all that I try to do for all three kids and their friends, teachers and community. He is thankful that I push him so hard so that he stays on task at times when he just wants to relax. He starts his senior year next year. I honestly am not really looking forward to that. I know it will be rushed and complicated and there will be so little time together. I am excited though that the stressfulness of High School will be over for him soon and he will then be in college where hopefully he will meet people that understand his personality and he will build some relationships with others and put all this hard work into the beginning of a bright future.

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