Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Sometimes it truly is the little things that other people do for you.
I have a huge morning of thanksgiving. Yesterday a friend and I were talking about my daughter needing a bathing suit. She was on her way to a store to pick one up for her two girls so she offered to pick on up for mine and I could come get it that afternoon. I am happy to say it fit and I am ever so grateful because it is exactly what she needed, something that did not have tie straps and I would not fret over it coming apart, during a water park field trip next month. Then she had this HUGE I mean HUGE bag of clothes that she thought might fit me. I tell you what this morning as I tried four or five things on I realized what a blessing I had walked into. I don't buy myself things very often its really more like when I have to have something for an event. I now have a very nice wardrobe. I think my closet only holds maybe 20 of my own items. I actually had to relocate a couple of my husbands things so I could use another shelf. The two top shelves had always been books. I am very grateful that she thought of me.
Another thankful Thursday is the quail that are hatching. SO far we have had about 35 hatch and have lost three. This first set is what was born yesterday afternoon through this morning.
This batch was all born between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon. We had two other batches of eggs with no success so it is nice to see these all doing so well.


  1. Blessings everywhere! So happy for you! The farming bug has bit me a little with my new venture in gardening, I found myself wishing for a couple chickens the other day!! Only I hate chickens. And we're in the city so we're not supposed to have them. : ( Still... fresh eggs would be nice! Good luck!

  2. I love these surprises God sends!


Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24