Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

Yesterday morning I worked on cutting the shirts for my new order. I got them all laid out how they needed to go for the quilt and then had to pick my oldest and youngest up from their schools. We headed to Kohls to get outfits for their awards and then also my daughter needed a second dress for her induction ceremony into National Junior Honor Society.
We have had this dress before for Easter a couple years ago, she loved it, she was surprised to see it again and decided she wanted this one. She had found a white dress at Kohls too but it is one that droops to the side and the arm straps are odd. I didn't like it, nor did I feel it was appropriate for a 12 year old. So we had to head out to another Kohls for the second dress.
I have never had to buy my oldest son dress clothes we always borrow them from my friend's husbands or our brother in law. That proved to be a mistake this past award for the National Honor Society induction because the shirt was an XL and it was a little big, so when he got on stage the entire back of the shirt was out. The student behind him in line didn't say anything. He got on stage twice that way. I felt incredibly horrible that we just didn't spend the money to buy him a shirt that fit. Thus my endeavor yesterday. He now owns a shirt, pants and tie that will all fit for his award ceremony next month. Now that he owns a pair of black pants and a gray/black tie I think I can just buy a couple Large shirts as I see them on sale. He is very particular in that he likes just plain colored shirts, no stripes etc. Makes it difficult sometimes. We went to the second Kohls to find our daughters second dress no luck. I am thankful my husband met us there because he took our son with him so that we could continue shopping.
This is the second dress we found. We had to go to the Mall and check out Macy's. It was more than I wanted to spend but we had already been to Ross and a couple other places. It is super cute. I just wish we went to a church where they dressed up. Typically all these dresses she wears once and that is it. We were also in the pursuit for a bathing suit. No luck there, we tried so many suits and so many places. She has a school outing at a water park next month. I am not so thrilled about it since she is so small she still wears little girl bathing suits and well most of the others do not. Its hard to find a teen looking bathing suit that is a 14/16. I am praying the Lord will guide us to find something. It was a fun evening but a late one. I am thankful at least award attire is finished.

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